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wow I just finished the Lyme chapter and I am feeling absolutely sick to my stomach. I heard a rumor about this theory, that the governement was testing BB on Plum Island where they test bio warfare types of things (conveniently located near Long Island, NY), and disregarded it. But after reading this it seems entirely plausible. not that it affects treatment, but its just so upsetting. One compelling piece of information/theory is that they were also testing Myco along with BB, and this is why so many people with Bb have +Myco. Actually i am thinking that maybe high Myco is a flag for Lyme... I know the found Bb in the iceman, but why did such an insidious form crop up in the 70's, and why in a cluster in Lyme, etc. Just wondering if anyone had read and had any thoughts...

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I really can't bring myself to think about that, and prefer to think that the drastic increase of immune suppressing multiple vaccinations begun in the 70's is responsible.



References at the bottom of the article.

"The capability of the measles vaccine to suppress cell-mediated immunity has been known for decades"

"study showing that the measles virus infections caused an IgE switching of nuclear material in B-lymphcytes, the authors found that the same switching took place from the MMR vaccine leading to an increase in the expression of IgE (and by inference away from the protective IgG and IgM antibodies)".


In this intro, Dr Theoharis Theoharides suggests:


"Recent evidence also indicates that many ASD children present with “allergic-like” symptoms that imply activation of a unique immune cell, the mast cell, which is activated by allergic, environmental, infectious, or stress-related triggers to release pro-inflammatory and neurotoxic molecules"


We definately show some symptoms of allergy (dark circles under eyes, PANS symptom's improvement with anti-histamine dosing).


I like to think that if somehow I can address DD11's immune system, the problem will be solved. There are so many older people (grandparents etc) I know that have been exposed to lyme and live in endemic areas (Thousand Islands St. Lawerence River, Long Point Ontario), EM rashes and everything, that just do not have the symptoms my daughter has. Total loss of speech, gross motor abilities with MMR vaccination, MMR/DPT booster the same year as insect bite (atypical rash), and one month later motor ticcing begins. Perhaps infection with a native strain would give protection against a more contagious, bio-engineered one. Here I go...over the edge.

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I've heard that story and believe it, though I haven't read that book, just heard it from other places. There is no question this is why it is more of a problem in the CT and Long Island area. There is a reason it is called "lyme". That research facility was just across the water from Lyme, Connecticut.


I'm sure vaccines and other influences affect how it presents and spreads and so on. But, the geographic explosion in that area nails that research down as key component, unless some other influence was coincidentally just there. (Vaccines weren't just done in CT and NY, to my knowledge.)

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With my kids I know they have an immune issue (mannose binding lectin deficiency) so there is no real mystery as to why they got/remain sick. I do think (for no real scientific reason) I had some exposure to Lyme and that this has also further influenced their unfortunate responses, and that there is a genetic predisposition to Lyme.

Fortunately my kids have not seemed to have much of a reaction to any vaccines, although I did read through hundreds (maybe thousands) of VARS reports and will never let them get Guardisil which was shown to have immediate negative reactions.

I am terribly suspicious though as to why the cluster in the 1970's, why the link with Mycoplasmam, and why the concentration around Plum Island? It seems too much to ignore. After learning an iota about what goes on there, I am really considering moving far away!

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The pt's sick with Lyme and co infections are much sicker in the USA than they are in other countries.

I have heard this spoken by some of the top DR's on this subject and it has to be a combination of the two punch

Plum Island and the Vaccines. I would go so much to add, our diets here in the USA; way too much fast food, Chem Trails, Chem spraying, Elec smog, cell phones, etc...

At least in some other countries they have banned Monsanto from taking over their seed for crops.

Some states have already passed laws that all food must be labeled if its GMO ~ VT? maybe, CA next?

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