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Hi everyone. My entire family has been sick for a month now. First it was walking pneumonia during Christmas. Then it was the nasty stomach bug with vomiting/diarrhia. Even my 73 yr old mother got it while babysitting my dd so we could attend a school meeting. Now we have a cold. It seems we are are well for 2-3 days then sick again.


I'm looking for suggestions to write in a journal for immune support. What are you using to get thru the season? My daughter is very sensitive to products/vitamins, but I have to try something. I would like to start a list. Thank you in advance.

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D3 (2000 IUs), Vitamin C (1000mg), zinc for DS (Core) and try to get DD to take Core or zicam when sick but she balks.

Xclear for sinus congestion (you could also try gum with xylitol)

l-lysine when it seems viral


Both kids had a rough December - one cold after another, with flu-like illness that put them both flat on the couch for 7 days (tho DD tested negative for actual flu - but fever, malaise, congestion, wouldn't eat or drink - sure seemed like flu). So can't say that all my magic pills kept them healthy - but then, the entire school system was sick. Every kid who came into my house for a play date, every kid getting on the bus - they were all sick - even those with health immune systems.


Thankfully, the past few weeks have been healthy again. So maybe the wave has passed. Don't forget to change toothbrushes, wash sheets in hot water, wipe down surfaces. We even have separate toothpastes (in addition to keeping everyone's toothbrushes far apart). Figured that sharing a toothpaste tube meant scraping each toothbrush against the edge of the tube. So we have 4 tubes of toothpaste.

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We had a similar experience where younger DS was getting sick every three weeks even this past summer and exposing everyone in household. We started him on Multi Immune Transfer Factor by Researched Nutrionals. He is also taking additional D, Iron, Zinc, C. These are the vitamins and minerals he was specifically deficient. He are now getting much longer breaks between illnesses. Last illness was about six weeks ago.



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DS takes zinc, D3, E, QBC (a quercitin, bromelaine, Vitamin C blend), olive leaf, NAC and probiotics.


Last year DH and I both got that horrid norovirus; DS went untouched.


This year, the flu has been going around his school like wildfire, including a couple of his teachers that he likes to spend one-on-one time with. The adults were out of school for in excess of a week each; I'm not sure how badly it hit DS's peers or for how long. All DS came down with were basically cold symptoms -- congestion and a low-grade fever for about 24 hours. He missed one day of school and then was back at it.


Here's hoping you get well and stay well!

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i use homeopathy -- for long term for ds pandas, we see an integrative MD, who i kind of think of as an infectious doc. last summer we added another integrative MD who is working with him in a biomedical sense - balancing mineral metabolic issues.



in my long ago life - prepandas - i used homeopathy for myself and my kids. i was first introduced to it for a sinus infection that i could not kick, but it worked for it. we also use it for acute issues. after a weekend trip in which almost everyone i ran into was talking about the flu, i felt run down and aching -- psychosomatic ??? --- anyway, i took oscillo..... i was very tired for a few days, but then bounced back -- was i not really sick, or did i fend off the flu --- no way to know.


ds8, this week has had a bout of post nasal drip. i first gave him one remedy, not much help. i gave him a different one yesterday and that has seemed to help.


you can get blue tube bioron at whole foods or any health food store. i'd say you could try for yourself for colds, coughs, etc but for serious issues, i would definitely cosult a professional. the caveat being -- often if the remedy doesn't seem to work, may not have been the proper remedy in the first place.


Feel better!!!

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