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can my pandas kids get teeth cleaning

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If a child has just gone through a pandas episode, and is just at the tail end of it, should we still do the teeth cleaning, but ensure that they have antibiotics before and after the cleaning? Is it best to wait until the pandas symptoms have totally subsided, or mostly subsided before going ahead with teeth cleaning? Teeth cleaning didn't affect ds in the past, but ds just went through a pandas "episode" with so many pandas symptoms, and is just getting over throat and vocal stuff, so I am fearful that the teeth cleaning can bring out something, since we are not 100 percent over everything yet. From what someone on this forum said, Dr. K advised that we should get antibiotics for our kids just before, during and after teeth cleaning, if we are concerned about another flair up of pandas symptoms.


What do you think? Did your doctors give you low dose antibiotics or high dose antibiotics for teeth cleaning and other dentist visit issues? Did it matter whether or not the pandas symptoms were flairing or in remission?

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