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  1. Hi ilovedogs, just sent you a pm about Az PANDAS/PANS support group!
  2. Personally, I think mixing it up is probably a good idea . . . Who knows which gut flora are flourishing in one's system and which aren't? We use a mixed probiotic that contains about a dozen different flora, and then also a sach b. -- not Florastor but a Jarrow brand version. Yes, supposedly sach b. is a beneficial yeast that can help crowd out "bad" yeast like candida. If you want (and have the extra cash!) you can go to a DAN Dr and have him order a comprehensive stool analysis - shows the exact gut flora! We were low on lactobacillus, NO yeast after 2yrs on abx (yeah) and a little hi
  3. I agree! Dr T believes Pandas research IS autism research! It provides a glimpse into the autism world and may provide the answers, he said all this on one of his radio/blog shows! The explosion of "autism" is all immune/gut dysfunction and depending on age of onset and various other factors, depends on where on the spectrum you fall. There still are "classic" cases of autism, but these are few and far between. The bulk of them start out normal and regress into autism in the early years.
  4. Email: info@pyroluriatesting.com Direct Healthcare Access II Laboratory 350 W. Kensington Road Suite 118 Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056 United States Phone: 847-222-9546 Fax: 847-222-9547
  5. I'm testing ds for this this week. Test cost $80, results come to me. I plan on taking result to DAN dr already treating methylation issues, I also think addressing methylation helps with pyroluria also.
  6. All I know is that the fb PANDAS group has been told that the presenters/conference asked that the info not be spread on social media. My answer to this is not have it open to the public. I will refrain from expressing my feelings.....PANDASRadio with Marcel Cairo(?) will host Dr. T next Wed. Supposedly, this is "an approved" method of dissemination of the info presented. Discussing on social media has the potential to cause mass conversion disorder! Like, Like, Like!!!
  7. yes - i did think about that, but we do have strong strep evidence for onset, so it served my purpose. . . but i do wonder that also. esp b/c i believe ds had an exacerbation due to stress which would appear that he always has these troublesome antibodies circulating. i just read the synopsis for Dr. T at the upcoming conference and i wasn't sure i was previously aware the alternate fever theory was in constrast to molecular mimicry. EAmom -- are you going to that conference? i'd love to hear about it! Hard to keep up with all of Dr T's evolving theories on the mechanism of pan
  8. Thanks so much. I do think the neuro would be checking for other things along with the folate levels, as my ds has a hx of dev. delay.
  9. My ds had T&A in Feb and turbinectomy & drainage of sinus. Last month, sinus CT showed all clogged again! Did sinus surgery, anthroscopy (widening openings) and ethmoidectomy, F/U visit showed clean as a whistle! He is on veramyst spray and zyrtec for severe allergies but now at least his nose can drain properly. Quick recovery (a day), highly recommended!
  10. For those who were in the trial, quick question. Did they sedate or anaesthetise your child for the LP? If not, did your child co-operate? Reason I ask is local peds neuro wants to do LP at some point to check for cerebral folate def. but says need anaesthesia. Tx.
  11. My guess is the NIMH has to thread carefully with what they recommend, as is the case with regards to vaccines also. They can't go around telling everyone to pull normal looking tonsils without enough evidence to back it up! Just like they couldn't rec. IVIG and abx until the initial studies were done to show some effectiveness and now they are repeating those studies on a larger scale to provide more evidence! Perhaps in the future, the next area of research would be the T&A and examining the tonsils post-op for infection? So all we as parents have to go on in the meantime is what the fro
  12. yeah...good question Where do you live? Well my ENT didn't know much about pandas but deferred to my local pandas neuro who recommended it. Once he did the surgery and saw how bad they were and then the pos cultures, no-one was more surprised than him! I think he just put in his notes, "removing for pandas symptoms, cannot guarantee T&A will help symptoms". I've since started a local pandas support group with two other moms (similar stories with infected normal looking tonsils) and we're compiling alist of local pandas friendly ENTs! If you're consulting one of the pandas spec
  13. Since pandas is still considered "controversial" there's only a few true specialists who see large quantities of pandas kids. So very few take ins. I travelled cross country to see Dr B. and well worth it. Does a thorough work-up. Most the rest you pay up front and claim back some from ins. Good Drs too though. Or go to www.pandasfoundation.org and click on providers to see a state by state listing of Drs, although they might not be experts but can treat. Alot of DAN Drs are familiar with pandas as alot of kids with autism have pandas too, but usually they do not take ins also. I think Dr Bs y
  14. My ds only had one ever strep infection, the one that started Pandas. Pandas kids immune systems do not react the same way a typical kid's does, so you just don't know what's in those tonsils (and adenoids) until they're out and cultured and as long as there's infected tonsils in there, will keep making antibodies and triggering pandas symptoms.
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