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Getting IVIG covered


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Will insurance companies cover IVIG for this??



Ours did, but with our insurance 1) you have to have titers drawn 2) technically you have to prove that the titers didn't improve after having a pneumonia vaccine 3) if your child can't have a pneumonia vaccine (like mine, because they've had reactions to vaccines in the past), you have to prove this, then hope they'll accept it 4) you have show that the strep pneumo deficiency has caused serious illness (I got all the doctor's notes from just 1/2 a year, and they had been there 8 - 9 times...all with strep, staph and/or some other bacterial infection AND I also showed attendance records at school, showing an average of 15 - 20 days per year absent due to illness.


Basically, you need to ask your insurance company for a copy of their policy, then follow it completely.

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