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  1. My wife has not got the script filled, afarid of a antibiodic overload. DD takes celexa and rehmeron at night with melatonin but it no longer seems to help at all.

  2. KaraM - I had a message from another member to contact you. Our daughter, 12, suffers from OCD and it has been 4 months since her only ivig and she is worse than anytime over the past year. We are in florida at Stoch's CBT program. But at night she is horrid, taking up to 4 hours to go to sleep and her rituals seems to grow by the week. Dr T told us 2 weeks ago to try biaxin for Myclop...

  3. I read some of your expericences with SSRI. We are going down to see Dr Storch this Monday 8-15 for 3 weeks of therapy. Our age 12 daughter was treated with ivig at the NIH this sping, improved, and relapsed. She is now horrible with her OCD unable to control her touching and very mean to her brother. We tried to wen off celexa and start on zoloft 2 weeks ago and failed, she went bonkers.

  4. I live in Etown and our dd needs an IVIG. I thought about coram. We will be seeing DR T soon. Did you get any insuracne coverage? Who ordered the IVIG?

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