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  1. was there 3 weeks last summer. same deal as you w/ Murphy. Ended up seeing her anyway. You see one of her med students and then see her abit at the end. See her or not you really need a pediatirc psychatrist at hom elong term that prescribe brain medications - lexipro etc. we rented a condo at treasure island. less than for a hotel. 20 min drive. Its alot of hard work for your kiddo. Not a fun vacation. Be prepared. They get pushed hard and are upset alot. Watchout for the 1st day's questions from Storch or whoever. Their questions put new ideas of odd behavior into our chil
  2. went ok. our kid did it. there are other ways to check folate deficinecy. the are approximations, but i would not put her through it (there are risks from having it done) just to check a folate level. The NIH checked about 100 things when they did it.
  3. The symptoms can get worse for 2 weeks following ivig. Then weeks 3-4 shoudl see improvement. The ivig antibodies only last 4 weeks. You may need a second ivig at week 4 and at week 8 so that you do not lose the progress made. We see Dr Smith in Edison NJ
  4. We were there for 3 weeks last summer. The therapy basis down to forcing the obsessive behavior trigger to be seen and then resisted. So the child must resist doing the compulsions. The 1st day the Docs ask alot of questions. do you (talking to the child) do this, or that specific behavior, like toilet issues, eating issues etc. for an hour. Well several of the questions asked actually placed NEW compulsive ides and behaviors into our daughter's head. So we went to deal with issues A,B and C and left with B, C, and D. Had they never asked about the very detailed compulsive behaviors s
  5. celexa never helped our daughter. Lexipro is much better. Our daughte ris on that plus risperidol. Generic drugs are not nearly as good at the brand name. I recently learned the FDA allows generic drugs to have the active drug dosed in a pill from 80% - 120% of the target dose. The non-active ingedients help with the time release. Our daughter is having a flare up right now. Do you see a pshchatrist? We saw one for a year (who prescribed the celexa) and never made much gain. After we swtiched psych docs, we tried several drugs and found a combo that really helped. Even after
  6. is he on antibiodics? if so, then he needs to be on a probiotic to relieve the upset stomach.
  7. we were there 3 weeks in august 2011. not a seemless team. you need to be aware that dr. murphy is there 1 or 2 days a week and requires an advanced appointment, and a seperate appointment from dr. storch's ocd therapy clinic. with his 3 week cognative therapy, you see a doctor under him or even a doctoal student. again seeign murphy,s group is seperate appointments. we were lucky and got to see her while there for the 3 week program. its alot of work. you have 3 to 5"hours of resitstance practice each day. the child must practice resisting what is causing the ocd. they push hard an
  8. HAd done at LAB CORE. Then insurance paid. The Labs can be in network or out of network just like the doctors, You had best check with your insurance company.
  9. Try Uping the dose of the Probiotic. Our Doc has our DD12 on 4 culturelle pills at a time.
  10. Our DD just got braces a month ago, no problems. We are doing better since seeing you in St. Pete, florida. started New psychatirc meds in Sept 2011. They have lessened her OCD by 33-50%. We got IVIG approved in January 2012. Are doing with Dr Smith in Edison NJ. She just had second one done last week. Hope to see improvements from ivig; but not yet.
  11. We are tyring IVIG again. it took 8 months to get it insured. meanwhle our DD 12, has been seeing a psychatrist. The 2 meds form him made a 50% lessening of her OCD and tics. However, that came with some weight gain and other side effects. But psychiatic care is ususally all covered and quicker to get for some relief. Take the time to see if you can get ivig insured. It costs over $12,000 per treatment.
  12. Our DD 12 is one lexipro and risperidol. We have also tried Celera, depakote, and clonadine. Celexa is a horrible waste of time, it has side effects and does not work like they claim. Despite that your insurance co. will tell you its the same and a generic to lexipro, its not. they are different, Lexipro had more active ingredients and is safer. These meds have helped our DD to sleep at night. Before the PANDAS, I would kid her about breaking a world record for sleep, sometimes 12 hours. Once PANDAS hit she would be up doing rituals till 3 am, only sleeping 4 hours a night. The meds ha
  13. From the Website of The Pediatrics Devlopmental Neuroscience Branch, Division of Intramural Research Programs is within the National Institute of Mental Health PANDAS, is an abbreviation for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections. The term is used to describe a subset of children who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and/or tic disorders such as Tourette's Syndrome, and in whom symptoms worsen following strep. infections such as "Strep throat" and Scarlet Fever. The children usually have dramatic, "overnight" onset of symptoms,
  14. Unitedhealthcare lists ivig for PANDAS as an approved treatment and approved us coverage. Highmark Blue Shield does not and therefore denied us coverage.
  15. We tried Depakote twice now. Had no negative side effects and not sure if we saw a change for the better either. Maybe slept a bit better. Took DD12 off it this week to see if we notice any changes bad or good. She is on so many supplements like methel-folate and other meds, it gets hard to evaluate which are helping. Was told the liver problem is 1/10,000 and is about the same as if you took Tylenol regularly.
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