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Anyway of getting prescription for Igenix?

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I would think you would need to get their paperwork filled out by your own doctor. You can call Igenex and request the lab kit, but then it needs ICD-9 codes (diagnostic codes) filled in by a doctor and sogned off on with license #. Now I know that Dr. B has ordered lab for my husband and myself for titers, however, when mine came up 700+ he could not write me an RX for ABX. Odd that he could write the order for those tests, but did not feel like he could prescribe. I would think that b/c that Igenex needs to be signed off on your own practitioner will need to. When all this started with my daughter, my husband and I did not have a primary doctor for ourself since ours had left the area more than a year before. It became apparent that we needed someone who understood PANDAS especially when we were always going to need them to test us and treat strep aggressively. Just in the last 2 weeks everyone but my PANDAS daughter in my house had strep. I felt so lucky to have a nurse practioner that actually wants to hear how my daughter is doing and is open to learning about PANDAS. Dr. B had recommended Augmentin XR the last time I tested high on the titers and she did not hesitate to order that again for myself and my husband when he developed symptoms of strep as well.

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Wilma - if you are asking if your child's doctor can order an igenex test for YOU without you being an established patient, the answer is probably no. Some doctors have gotten in trouble for evaluating and treating people who are not established patients. If someone did do this for another family on the forum, then that family should send you a PM.


You should get your own doctor to sign the igenex slip, because igenex will only send the results to a doctor and the doctor will have to go over the results with you. So - whether you make an appointment and pay for an appointment to get the bloodwork or pay for an appointment to go over the bloodwork - (or both)... the doctor has to see you and establish you as a patient.

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