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could this be why PANDAS can subside with Menses?

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Came across this while look for reason my dd has a pattern of flares with Lyme. Struck me when thinking about how PANDAS has been known to subside at onset of menses. I little technical, but I get the idea there is a strong link. Any thoughts? http://www.lymenet.de/symptoms/cycles/evalsum.htm


Did not read yet but a very real connection why girls do better with neurological issues than boys- from autism to lyme to pandas- estrogen is a very protective hormone and the monthly hormonal cycle/surge works the same way.

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Well then I must be backward, because I think I contracted Lyme at 10 (or some TBI, possibility that I have had Lyme congenitally, but things def got worse...) and then at onset or menstruation, things got a bazillion times worse.

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