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  1. Funny I just got a notification from this response. I have not been on this forum in a very long time. I am so happy to report that I have a very healthy happy 16-year-old daughter who is no resemblance to the child that was in such turmoil. I will however say it has contributed to the person she is kind, compassionate and confident. I just went for an IEP meeting today which we did not even try Start one until eighth grade where things got worse before they got better but I have to say once over the hump of entering puberty things really started to balance out. She has not used one accommo
  2. So true.. well we've struggled through all of this yet my daughter is a much better person than I was at her age and we share a very special bond Sisterhood having struggled through this together and for sure having other moms the speak to that I understand has been a godsend
  3. Hello, its been a long time since I've been here..but just happened upon a quote I keep on my fridge.. Something I came across several years ago in my dark days and it really resonated with me, I've kept it... And this moment I just had, made me feel I need to share a message of hope for u. I get frustrated when desperately searching forums for anything, and u never see the outcome.. So I feel it is my duty to give u some hope. I was a regular here several years ago, my daughter was slipping from me, an 8 year old that seemed to be losing her mind, posesed even..we desperately tried everythi
  4. Hi, been a while... I am back puberty is tough... looking for any teen support groups for tourettes near Orange County, Ca... any ideas??
  5. My dd seemed what could be textbook PANDAS at first, elevated strep antibodies, and fit the diagnostic critieria to a "T" but I hadn't known of any strep infection since she had strep throat as an infant. We did abx and IVIG with improvement, but not enough. Saw parents getting lyme diagnosis and recalled a bite around 3yrs old and went for testing. We had pos lyme bands an mycoplasma. This was after 4 ivig though, so I have always wondered. Regardless, treating for lyme and Pandas was basically the same. Lyme doc added zith, and was very good about listening, monitoring labs... I do credit hi
  6. she is 10, and does't seem to be near puberty (think she will be a late bloomer:)) Hard to say exactly which vaccine, but in retrospect, the very first signs of something wrong came right after her 15 month MMR. She became extremely hypersensitive to her seatbelt. It was new, and it was so severe I knew something wasn't right, but she was so normal otherwise I really just hoped it was a phase. She also had asthma, (which makes sense that it could have also been caused by vax) so of course Dr encouraged the flu shot. After the first one, she became extremely ill within 48 hrs (high fever, sore
  7. Haven't checked in a while. DD is off all meds and doing great! Just wanted to share this article, found it interesting. I feel vaccines were the cause of our whole problem. http://vactruth.com/2012/09/14/eczema-as-a-biomarker/?utm_source=The+Vaccine+Truth+Newsletter&utm_campaign=a974f5dbea-09_14_2012_eczema&utm_medium=email
  8. I know many of you are in a whirlwind taking care of your sick child(ren) but someone just recommended this book to me, sounds interesting. I haven't ordered it yet, but thought I would share. Polymicrobial Diseases by Kim A. Brogden, Janet M. Guthmiller Publisher: ASM Press 2002 ISBN/ASIN: 1555812449 ISBN-13: 9781555812447 Number of pages: 450 Description: Polymicrobial diseases are those involving more than one etiologic agent. This book provides an overview of the current knowledge of these mixed infections in both animals and humans and explores the contribution to disea
  9. I too can look at my dd records and notice resp illness or ear infections after every vaccine. Her first behaviors started shortly after the 15 month MMR but asthma started AS SOON AS I STOPPED nursing her. I always found that odd. She never had asthma before that, I do believe my nursing her was somewhat helping her severely taxed immune system. The good news is there can be a degree of healing, and foresight to not let any more damage be done. I just pray so hard parents will educate themselves and take a stand so these children are spared this suffering. It TRULY makes the most sense to me
  10. Just watched the movie "The Greater Good" I think it is highly informative about the circle of vaccines and politics. Also the dangers of the adjuvants. It offers a balanced view, although in my opinion the scale is not balanced for the clear fact that the safety hasn't been studied and our children are the test subjects....obviously suffering the consequences.
  11. I has just read something about this a few weeks ago. I am sure there is much more info out there but here is something I quickly came across http://www.who.int/vaccine_safety/topics/influenza/pandemic/h1n1_safety_assessing/narcolepsy_statement/en/
  12. Well I think the first thing that helped my daughter was a shift in my thinking. As I looked more into the vax issue and things really started making sense, I realized I didn't want to kill an infection (Lyme) or supress her immune system (PANDAS). I realized I wanted her to heal from an injury so that became the focus. I went back to the strict diet, not completely restrictive but just tried to cut out sugar and gluten as much as possible. Our naturopath also gave us some whole food supplements. Once I had this revelation, I REALLY wanted to get her off the abx. I hated having her on them any
  13. I just ordered the movie "The Greater Good". I hear it has a pretty balanced view, may be a good one to recommend to the teacher. I will let you all know after I see it.
  14. I agree, I get sad and angry....but I also agree, no looking back, but forward. I'm glad I'm moving forward with the information I have. My daughter is completely off of abx and doing GREAT. I finally feel we are on the other side. That is the good news though.... there can be a degree of healing, and for us it has been to a level that no one could ever tell what we went through. Unfortunately for others though, that level may never come because of the degree injury. That saddens me. Looking forward for the many that will face what we went through and moreso, The sickest part is it can be avoi
  15. I wanted to share this, just wish the last couple slided were slower to sink in more. By the way, we are doing great! Off of all meds
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