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No relief with prednisone

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Our dd10 has extreme panic, intrusive thoughts, wanting to hurt herself, die, at night. She has intrusive thoughts and worries all day and has panic attacks at school which have gotten progressively worse over the last 3 weeks.


She is a supersmart social child and now she doesn't want to see friends or anyone because she's afraid she will get sick.

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the response/reaction from the steroid may lay several weeks out...our first one was 3 weeks post on burst...only lasted about 4 days

on taper... i think it seemed better after a week ..a little regression then better again...a little regression then better etc...sawtooth response to which continued past taper to "almost" 100%...did not maintain fullnes of it but held most of it

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What is the difference between a burst and taper. We've done the bust before so I know what it is. Is a burst just an equally dosed short term steroid with no taper? How long do you usually do a burst? Is ia burst the lowest dosage of a taper? I think I remember a burst is sometimes used diagnostically to see if there is improvement it can be more definitively diagnosed as PANDAS....i think.So is a taper only during exacerbations? Sorry for all the questions!

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