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Found 2 results

  1. I had to switch pediatricians because my last one was in complete denial that my son's Tourette's could have been started by an ear infection and she started treating me like I was nuts. In the meantime, we've determined he doesn't have PANDAS, but a PANDAS expert we visited said my son looked allergic and to get allergy testing done. As I wrote in a previous post from January, he's allergic to our dog (and every outdoor allergen, basically) but has no symptoms of allergies. The only symptoms are in the springtime. Does anyone else's kids have no allergic symptoms who tic and have been shown to have allergies?? Is it typical? Our new pediatrician that we saw tonight said that he definitely doesn't' have PANDAS, which we knew. And that tics are not caused or triggered by allergies. I mentioned this web site and Sheila's book that has hundreds of stories to the contrary, but he said that there could be several thousand who don't have these reported experiences. Anyway, I'm confused more than ever. However, the Dr agrees with me that tic medication isn't worth it unless my son is taking a hit on his self-esteem, which thankfully he has not so far--he's only 8 years old. The side effects can be bad. The Dr. is a smart man who does a lot of reading and he's more curious than our last pediatrician, so I don't completely distrust him. I just am even more confused. I guess I'm just curious: Can someone answer why Tourette's improves for about 50 percent of the kids (and not for the other half) if allergies or environmental causes (things that can be controlled) have something to do with it? In other words: Why does Tourette's spontaneously improve for so many if there are environmental causes behind them? Thanks for your help! Feeling lost and losing hope...
  2. Hi everyone. I've had TS + since I was 6 and I am now 43. I've tried every medication under the sun and now my tics are worse than ever. My OCD incorporates itself into my TS where I don't do the counting thing, but instead the 'how it feels/pain' thing. I am suffering from tremendous pain as well as so frustrated that I can't stop that I'm beside myself. I've just recently discovered that food as well as other things like chemicals, etc could be make tics worse. My allergist has tested me for trees, wasps and bee's. The only food testing that was done was on crab and lobster, though. So, because of what I have been reading I want to be able to tell my allergist what I would like to be tested for to further rule out things....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate at this point as I am at a loss for what to do about my ticcing. (I have also tried the Magnesium Taurate, but it made me sick) Thank you a head of time for any responses and I'll apologize now for all the reading. <3 *J*
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