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  1. Hi everyone. I need help ASAP please. I saw an ad or post on here yesterday regarding a new treatment called Repreeve. I thought I had bookmarked the website, but can't find it anywhere. I'm trying to do research before they send me their product, but need to find their ad, post or website. If anyone knows any of this, please let me know ASAP. Thank you a head of time! *J*
  2. Hi there. From the reading I have done and research, I have found that it is the Magnesium Taurate that works best for tics. (there are different forms of magnesium) I just had to stop the Mag. Taurate I was on because it made me really ill. I've heard that it has worked for a lot of people. As with anything, I would discuss this with your Dr first. Take care. *J*
  3. Hi there. Stress, anxiety, being tired, etc can make tics much worse. Most people with TS find that when they concentrate on something that their tics lesson. I have found this myself. I know for a fact that when I am expecting stress, anxiety, etc., that my tics will kick up big time. I've tried everything under the sun, and came here looking for some hope myself. I've had TS + since 6 and I just turned 43. I hope you're able to find the answer it seems we both seek. Take care and good luck! *J*
  4. Hi there. My honest suggestion would be to talk to a Dr about this, especially when it comes to children. If your son is scratching there and there is in fact a change in coloration of skin, that will be your best bet. Also, if you believe this started after your son started any medications, supplements , etc, then you can always speak to a pharmacist as well. And yes, this does sound like skin irritation, or even an infection. I hope you were able to find the answers you needed. *J*
  5. Hi everyone. I've had TS + since I was 6 and I am now 43. I've tried every medication under the sun and now my tics are worse than ever. My OCD incorporates itself into my TS where I don't do the counting thing, but instead the 'how it feels/pain' thing. I am suffering from tremendous pain as well as so frustrated that I can't stop that I'm beside myself. I've just recently discovered that food as well as other things like chemicals, etc could be make tics worse. My allergist has tested me for trees, wasps and bee's. The only food testing that was done was on crab and lobster, though. So, because of what I have been reading I want to be able to tell my allergist what I would like to be tested for to further rule out things....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate at this point as I am at a loss for what to do about my ticcing. (I have also tried the Magnesium Taurate, but it made me sick) Thank you a head of time for any responses and I'll apologize now for all the reading. <3 *J*
  6. Hi, just an FYI that Google just corrected the web address when I tried it...the only difference is that Google added a / to it...so I was able to pull up this website under info@matertechnologies.com/. I have no idea why this is, though? But, on the bright side it worked. J
  7. Hi there. I'm sorry to hear about your son. I've had TS since the age of 6 and I am now 43 with my TS being worse than ever. I have a sniffling/snorting tic and am having problems myself. Thankfully (I guess) I knew what to look for. It does sound like he has a sinus infection. I would suggest using a neti pot to clear out his sinus passages, but do NOT use tap water or regular table salt with this. You can buy the mix or make it homemade. I would obviously contact his Dr to get an appt to have him looked at to verify it is in fact a sinus infection. If so, antibiotics can be prescribed. Also ask about the neti pot. Also, if he has dry sinus passages, ask about using Ocean spray. It's been a bit since your post, so I hope all has been fixed since then. *hugs* J
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