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  1. Could he actually have a long term syphilis infection? What bands would indicate that it is not syphilis?
  2. My son had a positive IGeneX LD test and also has a positive Mycoplasm Pneunomiae (MP) IgM. I am confused about the link between LD and MP and welcome any comments or suggestions.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the CamKinase protein and PANDAS/PITAND symptoms should go away after enough time on antibiotics? We have only been doing abx for 6 months and have seen great improvements in awareness and short-term memory but increased body movements. He is taking Azith. 250mg 3x week.
  4. Our son has been Rxd Vyvanse for his severe lack of attention. Has anyone had experience with this med? He had a positive IgM for Mycoplasm pneumoniae, high CamKinase score (194), positive IGeneX IgM for Lyme (very high band 41) and is on Azithromycin 250mg 3x week. He is taking .25mg of Risperidone. I greatly appreciate any information given.
  5. We have had a positive IgG from IGeneX and, at the advice of Dr. Murakami in BC, we are also testing our son's Babesia level through IGeneX. Anyone else have the babesia test done?
  6. Today I asked for a sign that our son would get better. Maybe reading these stories is it...I am going to the dr. on Tuesday for Mepron as per advice of a lyme dr. in BC. He believes the IGeneX lab results, as well as symptomology, leads him to believe our son has babesia.
  7. I was a dog groomer for years and came into contact with more tics (dead and alive - and their blood...eeewwww!!) than you can shake a 'tic at :-) I have a pituatary tumour but that's about it...
  8. Can you tell me more - when did you know she had pandas/lyme? what treatment protocol did you use? what do you mean by 'not treating the lyme'? I am very anxious to hear from you! Thanks, karen
  9. Has anyone has a child who was diagnosed with autism, ocd, odd, tourette's, adhd, PANDAS and then Lyme...what about a child like this who was treated for lyme and they recovered from all of them...?? Gotta dream ya know - keeps me from goin' wacky! :-)
  10. My ds had a high CamKinase test (194) and then took a lyme test through IGenex. He had a positive IgG result with band 41, 34 and INDETERMINATE with bands 34 and 39. Could strep create the positives in this test? Thanks!
  11. Our ds tested positive on IGenex band 41 (3+ symbols), and on band 31 (1 + symbol) and INDETERMINATE on bands 34 and 39. I would greatly appreciate any help.
  12. We only had the 4090 test done - It costs around $260. I am hoping that will give us a good idea of infection or not..Results should be in on Oct 2, 2010.
  13. From what Dr. C had emailed us, the test can also show bacterial or viral issues including lyme. Our ds score was 194. When speaking to Dr. Geller (1 of the Saving Sammy drs) via phone the other day, he said that we could work for years trying to find the culprit or do ivig and try to work with it now. That is what we are currently trying to do.
  14. Hi Lyme mom! My son has had the Igenex test and we are awaiting results. Can you tell me where I get more information on their testing and how to interpret it? It sounds like you are fairly up on your lyme info! Thanks, Karen (aka MomofJacob)

  15. My son who weighs 43 lbs and is 8 was started on 250mg of augmentin 3x daily. He was on zithromax prior (started August). Does anyone have any research on dosages for children with pandas? our son was symptomatic in May 2010 but we have seen quite a reduction in tics since being on the abx. However, I would like to see more awareness and less emotional liability. Any suggestions or comments are welcomed. Thanks. Pam -- Is this dose intended as a response to 1) a current infection, 2) an ongoing PANDAS treatment or 3) prophylactic? I think if you look up 875 mg. Augmentin, 2x d
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