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  1. You have a wonderful attitude! I'm sorry it has been so long. I agree that so much good can come out of an awful experience including connecting with the wonderful Moms on this forum who are moving heaven and earth to heal their kids. During the two plus years of lyme treatment it seemed like more of a nightmare than a blessing but now that we are well I definitely look at it as a blessing in many ways because of the people we met who healed us and the things we learned.
  2. Thanks for telling me! I had no idea. This new format takes some getting used to.
  3. I've been off line for a while b/c I stopped getting emails when the lyme forum merged with the PANDAS forum. I was very busy with a move and now I'm back online. We are doing really well post lyme but today I am posting a question that I also posted under the HPV vaccine thread regarding a friend's daughter who is very ill. She developed an auto immune condition that is attacking her kidneys. This developed a week after she received the second HPV shot of the series. The doctors tell her it has nothing to do with the vaccine and they want her to start on a chemo drug very soon. She has been
  4. A friend's daughter became very ill a week after getting the second dose of this vaccine. She developed an auto immune condition that is attacking her kidneys and she is now on dialysis three times a week. The doctors say the auto immune condition has nothing to do with the vaccine (that she got the week before she got so sick) and they want to give her a chemo drug to fix the problem. They have already given her steroids. Do any of you have any advice for her. She is in Northern California and has not yet seen an integrative doctor but plans to. In particular there must be things that can cal
  5. This is amazing. We have recently suspected TMJ problems with my DD16. She has had teeth grinding /bruxism at night when she is sleeping since she first got molars. It is the kind that is so loud you can hear it down the hall. I've read recently that bruxism can cause TMJ injury and the TMJ injury can cause movement disorders but was unaware of the OCD aspect which is a very big symptom for her. She got braces when she was 12 and when they came off 2 1/2 years later the ortho gave her a combo mouth guard retainer to help protect her molars and her head tics started a couple months later. The
  6. In a conversation yesterday that evolved from this post I realized that I should mention one other thing I recently learned about-the role that misalignment of the jaw can play with many disorders including OCD and tics. We recently switched from a regular orthodontist to a functional orthodontist who is excellent. He and other functional orthodontists are less interested in straight teeth and more interested in getting the jaw in the right position to support the body. A misalignment of the jaw can cause pain in other parts of the body, stress the autonomic nervous system (in muscle testing
  7. Hi SF Mom, great to hear from you! Hope you are done soon too!
  8. I am so glad that it can give you hope! I'd be happy to elaborate. Grapefruit seed extract can kill yeast so have you explored a yeast problem? You may want to try some form of energetic testing. It can be very helpfiul in pointing you in a direction you may not have considered and throughout our lyme treatment we had chiros, acupuncturists, naturopaths, etc. who used energetic testing. It was usually very helpful. I learned about emfs from my biological dentist. All of this was foreign to me when my son got diagnosed. First of all I didn't even understand that you need to go to a holistic den
  9. I, too really appreciate this followup. We are also at our 2.5 year mark, and starting to work down the abx. We are still doing supplements, ART, chiropractics, and I have been doing accupuncture, too (both DS's said it didn't help them, but I actually had a period of feeling 100% for about 2 months until we got hit by an improperly remediated mold job...I'm back to doing the acupuncture.) When your LLMD told you that you were done, did you stop abx cold turkey, or did you ease down. Our LLMD (and I think it might be the same one) is having us eliminate one at a time, which makes me fe
  10. It was my llmd who told me we were done. On a day to day basis I really don't get around to giving my kids supplements nor have I been very good at making sure they eat properly. I was good about this for awhile and was even making them green smoothies everyday for a while but we got so busy I couldnt keep it up. I used to try and limit gluten b/c it is healthier but that has gone out the window too. We are constantly coming and going to games and other activities so it is not possible to fixate on this like I used to when we were sick. I read labels and don't buy msg products etc so I
  11. I haven't posted in a while because we have been well for so long that life is very busy with stuff that has nothing to do with illness or lyme. For those of you who are in the middle of this nightmare or just beginning it I want you to have hope that you can get beyond this and get well. We completed our treatment in August of 2010 and I didn't want to post an update then because I wanted to see how things went before posting. I must admit that I had trouble believing we were really done with lyme at the time. It has now been almost 2.5 years so I thought I should post an update that we are
  12. No doctor can know for sure whether or not your daughter has lyme so I would take that statement that she doesn't have lyme with a grain of salt. Whenever I hear someone say that their doctor says it "isn't lyme" or they "ruled out lyme" I know it is not a lyme literate doctor b/c they don't make such definitive statements. If a llmd says it probably isnt lyme then I would listen to that. All the tick borne disease tests are unreliable and all you can do is get to someone who treats lyme everyday (ideally a member of ILADAS who also has ongoing training in the diseases and how to treat them) a
  13. Great book! She also has a similar styke book about all the ways you can treat cancer holistically. Very informative.
  14. We are seeing a naturopathic doctor who recommends five days of oregano oil (p73 at whole foods) to treat parasites. She says to take ten drops in water am/pm. It kills other stuff too and can cause a herx. She says she gives it to her kids a couple times a year to get rid of any parasites. Probably can't hurt.
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