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  1. If we can't control the tic , if we can redirect the tic , it's also very helpful .
  2. Google Alert for: tourette Genetic Breakthrough Yields Clue to Tourette Syndrome; Yale ... http://releases.usnewswire.com/GetRelease.asp?id=55002 U.S. Newswire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA 13 /US Newswire/ -- In what is being called a significant breakthrough in understanding the genetic underpinnings of Tourette Syndrome, researchers have ...
  3. Thank you Chemar . I think I'll try to discontinue the Bonnie'sEPA stuff for a while . I wonder why the young guy is so sensitive for the supplyment . The effect after taking something can be seen clearly . For me , I feel , as an adult , it's not easy to see clear progress . Maybe , we are stable with that . and the reflection between the musle and brain has been very stable and very hard to break . and I feel it's different for the so-called getting better/worse between any TS's parent's observation and the true feeling from a real TSer himself . Another thing , I take TS-control 10 in the morning and 8 before I go to bed arround 12:00pm . Is that a good idea ? I mean , should I take some in the morning and others in the afternoon rather than right before sleeping . Simon
  4. Should I stop ts-PLUS EPA/DHA from Bonnie and continue ts-PLUS only ? I heard somebody here talk about the Omega-3 can actually increase tics . I don't have ADHD , just tic . Recently I found my tic gets worse. So , I suspect it's the Omega-3 offset the effect of ts-PLUS which I found helpful to my tic . Should I stop taking EPA/DHA for while to see what's goin on ? Can somebody let me know how to judge if Omega-3 really makes my tic worse not by just feeling .. Simon
  5. Summer is a season that Tics get worse ?! I feel my tics are getting a little worse when it's summer now . :-( I'm taking bonnie's TS-control , but after almost half-a-year , the effect needs to decrease , not so good when I took in the begining . Does anybody else have the same situation ?!
  6. found myself less eye blinking(one eye) when driving . but more tic when starting a speech anybody is same as me ?
  7. I heard somebody said they tic are severe during some time , but somehow , tic free for a long time , for example a few dayz . How could this happen ? I feel the tic are there every day ...
  8. I just have a question here . For those who has TS himself/herself who are trying suppliments (bonnie's) , do you think you feel better suddenly after a certain period of time or feel better little by little . If you think the supplement help , it's the urge to tic you feel less or you can have better control over tics . Thanks.
  9. I'm an adult . Should I find out which diary to remove to make my tic better ? and how to find out whichone to move ?! Thanks
  10. Sometime , I feel that since our TSer seems to be over-active in the brain ... We are energatic in the body . Maybe , our energy will be consumed much faster than *normal* people which may lead us to a shorter life . Coz , the world is balanced ..... :-)
  11. Thanks . I take Bonnie's ts-control now . There is 600mg Ca and 600 Mg already . u think it's okay ? the ratio is not 2:1 apparently . And do you think by taking multi-vatimin , as a TSer 's feeling , it's the urge actually decrease . do you have a good way to measure the result . sometimes , I feel it's hard to measure result . And another question , there should be many Adult TSers out there , if the multi-vatimin and Mg help , why there is not so many questions/responses from them . Is there a reason that they don't want to try multi-vatamin and Mg ?! just a though . at least for me, the tic is not a big deal , but I still want to try an means to make it better . Thanks Simon
  12. How long would it have effect taking Mag/Taurate supplements , usually ? I found one I took some Mag/Taurate supplements , I got worse on tics . maybe , in the very begining , it's like this. and later , it'll get better ? Thanks
  13. Those days , I also tried to feel my tic . I found that I imagine my brain is a computer . when I was doing one thing , what we called , concentrating in one thing , the tic may be better . maybe because , the brain are busy handling one thing , having no or fewer time to tic . but when the brain is switching taskes , such as from reading to talking , from talking to reading or thinking a different thing, the urge will come up a lot . and recently , I found myself blinking heavily on left side of eye while blinking primarily on right side of eye . Really confusing ....why my brain changes the area that it build up the *urge* . ...
  14. my tics will be worse . and after I take food , it'll be better . Is it another stressor ?! :-)
  15. anybody knows how to test how much magnesuim in my body after taking the supplement . coz , I need to scientically know the result . Thanks. Simon
  16. I feel Bonnie's supplement is a little expensive to me with the shipping fee . Can I find some local heath food store to buy some seperately ? I'm in Toronto . Any suggestion ? Thanks.
  17. http://my.webmd.com/content/article/98/104865.htm
  18. And what's more . Before , when I was young , there are often some bad thoughts coming out to my mind . But now , there is very few bad one . even if there are some , it's just thought , and doestn't bother me at all . Currently , I have lots of new business ideas , which I like so much . for example , when I'm doing something , like working ..replying email , having lunch . a lot of good idea keeps coming out . sometimes , I have to write it down at once ,in case I'll forget . Don't know it's normal or not .... hehe// Simon
  19. Yeap . I like my this feature so much ... very efficient .. sometimes , there may be some distraction , but I can control properlly . :-) another thing , I found I have the ability to predict thngs well . don't know if anybody else have the same thing .... I think I need to find out what sort of good side that TS brought to me .... Simon
  20. Since it's reported that 1 out of 200 ppl has TS. say , we have 6.5 billion ppl in the world , there should be 30,000,000 TSers all arround the world . This place should be considered famous . How come there is just 580 members so far ? :-) . What are other suffers doing ......
  21. hi , my name is Simon . I just wonder , for those who said vitamin help , is this vitamin just make us calm or actually reduce the *urge* and then reduce the tics . Those days, I payed more attention to my tics . I found that when I start to something , such as a regular normal activity like start to talk , open a door and start drive . The *urge* to tic is very intense . but in the middle of doing something , there is less problem . anybody has the same feeling ?
  22. Anybody has tried Bonnie's TS-control Vitamin supplements ? What do you feel after you take this ? Thanks
  23. Is there anybody who tried BOTOX for eye blinking ? I found there some new ones who are claimed to be better than botox . no injection needed . for example : www.amazon.com/exec/obido...6?v=glance or google "better than botox" If it's true , I just think we can use it to relax our musle to reduce tics ?! any thoughts ? Thanks.
  24. and anybody has tried Habit Reversal to treat tics ? any successful story ? I found that whenever this is a *urge* , my dominant tic must be happening , it's very hard to redirect the urge to some other more less noticeable tics .
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