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  1. However , I just found elisaact.com will stop service from Oct 14,2006 . FYI
  2. Is there a test that can diagnose Pandas ? Simon
  3. Just a thought . Since being tired , stress , hunger , excitement are the main trigger . We can find out what kind of elements go up or down when we are facing stress , excitment or hunger . This way , we may be able to figure out what to supply to fix problem . Simon
  4. Today I got Pyroluria test result . I came back from 27 to 5 . Good to see . But my tic remains the same and didn't see any improvment . What other major test do you guys suggest me do next ? Simon
  5. For PANDAS , If my tic doesn't happen all of a sudden . It's been there since childhood . Will this be NOT PANDAS and don't need treatment . Am I right ? Simon
  6. Nice to see some improvement after taking Bonnie's supplement . I'm taking 20 caps per day , and it's working all rite . but still have tic . I was wondering if the more we take , the better the effect is , as long as it won't exceed maximum dose . Or is it possible that I decrease the dose and the effect could be better . Honestly , I couldn't find the best dose for me . Any idea ? Simon
  7. Suppose it's in US . Do-test-ONCE is better than Do-test-seperately regarding the cost ?
  8. To me , I've eye blinking/twitching tic . I found that when I close the eyes , I don't have twitching tic at all . Only when I open eyes and lot of fast moving/fancy views in front of me , the tic is worse . so it may be the trigger . And maybe the muscle controlling eyes is hardest to control all over the body , therefore eye blinking is most common . And I blink the eye once at one side . Never blink both . or it's not blinking at all . it's light twitching coz it's more noticable than the normal gental blinking . Intersting that sometimes one side of eye blinking becomes dominant while the other gets dominant some times . :-)
  9. Order tests by myself or through local DAN doctor ? Since some of the test needs blood draw and needs to be done thru doctor . I'm going to find a local DAN doctor to do testing . But I asked them , most of the tests have to be tested in US . I'm in Canada . My question is that if it will be cheaper if I do testing together with blood draw once ? And would that be cheaper I do test directly at US's lab ? And the initial consultation cost me $200 . Is it worthy ? Thanks Simon
  10. "It is my hypothesis that Tourette’s syndrome results from too much cortisol and too little DHEA. I suggest that children with TS might benefit from supplemental DHEA." Maybe it's right . Anybody has tried supplimenting some DHEA ? How do you feel if yes ? Simon
  11. Carolyn , You said "I have had vitamin levels checked" . Where did you get the vitamin levels checked ? Give me a URL pls . And how do you determine your own fomula at the beginning ? Thanks in advance . Simon Lisa , How did you find the DAN doctor in your local area or just remotely ? And what shoud I say to DAN doctor in order to ask them to give me supplement list ? Thanks Simon
  12. Chemar , I emailed them many times . I faxed them and called them as well . For email and fax , there is no response . For call , I left voice mail . :-( In their website , I saw there was a survey saying half of the people don't buy bonnie's all-in-one products . They just made themselves from Health food store . I was wondering if I can do it myself ? I figure out that the most effective item may the Mag/Cal . and VB complex . So maybe I can buy some Mag/Cal and VB complex in Vitamin store if , in case , I can not get bonnie's supp for some reasons . Any help will be appreciated . Simon
  13. No bonnie's supp . But can not reach them . They may be on vacation now . what to do ? Anybody can suggest some ways to make the supp myself from local health food store ? Thanks Simon
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