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  1. We have 3 kids w PANDAS if you ever want to PM me, they are all different. For Myco we generally increase antibiotics for 5 days then switch to Myco-Chord (Energetix) where if you don't habe a homeopath you have to find your dose, it's gentle. Our younger kids when they were small only took max 5 drops 2x day, the older one can take 10 now if she needs it but they don't need it so much any more. I think myco = weakness for us and we see it most when the kids are fighting multiple infections which for us is Jan-June. I'll mention this because it was mentioned above our kids have always been gluten free or low gluten it really helps but now we're doing very strict gluten eradication in the whole house because my son might be having gluten related seizures, fun never stops. Hope it helps. Erin
  2. Not sure the only problem but it can be a really big deal for some, night and day. Magnesium deficiency is often significant and debilitating for lyme folks, autism, pandas you name it, as you know. Our DD had severe similar to what was described above, personally I think Oxypowder is great but there are several other types of magnesium that may benefit your other issues - i'd suggest adding mag. Citrate and or mag. malate to what you're taking for additional neuro benefits beyond the consitaption challenges. Mag Ox pretty much just cleans you out is least likely to address a deficiency. That said, parasites flourish because there is imbalance in the gut. We've benefited greatly from probiotics on the order of 100 -200 billion per day -- a lot! and a product called GI Microbe X 2-3 caps per day to address parasites and gut balance.
  3. I would characterize our sons experience the same. To quote his teacher this week, first week of school after starting Amantadine in August he's been on it a month but she has not seen him until this week: "We continue to see nice results from the medication. We think that he is significantly calmer. He is attending better and for longer periods of time. He seems to experience much less frustration. Overall, he is much more available for learning." I think we're seeing less OCD -= better attention. He is having sleep problems though, tough to crack. Our DAN said we could put him on as much as 7.5 mg or melatonin, We'd only ever had him on 2.5, then we went to 5.0 but he has only slept through the night once on 5.0 though a couple nights we didn't answer when he called me and he went back to sleep. He's needing much more exersise - let me re phrase that he's never had the stamina of a typical x year old boy, he's 10 now and seems to need a couple of hours to run around, also more hungry. Anyone else have Sleep Issues on Amantadine, what works? Anyone else try Namenda?
  4. Restless Legs are often magnesium deficiency but could also be parasites, IMO. Anti parasitic may be very harsh and cause a lot of unacceptable symptoms like runny bms, could also create space for opportunistic infections if not supported well. Are you working with a DAN Dr? Our Dr has our kids on 3 capsules of GI Microbe-X per day, we worked up to that dose. Has been quite helpful with out daughter, no signs of parasites. Our son however is similarly well though he has some difficulty holding things together in the winter months he puts things in his mouth which is evidence of parasites in our house so for that period we added an extra antibiotic, otherwise GI Microbe-X at 3x day (Amazon.com) helps with full moon effect in our house among other types of behavior. Worth a try.
  5. Our kids are with Dr. Nancy O'Hara and Dr. Gail Szakacs in Wilton CT for PANDAS, they have us try to increase antibiotics with a flare for example my son is in 2 tablets of Augmentin per day so if we sense a flare is starting we increase to 3 tablets per day for 5 days and we stay in touch with them, for our daughter who is well maintained on Zithromax she normally takes 250 mg per day but if we sense a flare we increase to 500 mg per day for 5 days and we stay in touch with the doctor. Is he also on antifungals, they help. Is he also on probiotics? Our kids are on 100 - 200 Billion, needs to be pretty high mostly in Bifido and Lactobacillus strains. Having said all that however we get our worst OCD about 5 days after a flare.Dr. Bouboulis (Darein CT, where my kids get IVIG) says that the post viral OCD means the body is doing it's job, he says it's a healthy response which I have to say still drives us crazy sometimes, what we look for is whether our instances of OCD are getting shorter. OCD used to be 2-3 weeks long back before we started treatment, now OCD is usually just 4-5 days for my son, or sometimes for my daughter just 1 day. Are you sure he has strep or is he reacting to other factors, a lot of kids are reacting to pollen allergens and to especially food right now, treating allergies and changing the diet even for a short time can lower the burden -- for example I need to be GF for tree pollen season otherwise I get wicked stomach aches so do my 2 PANDAS kids. Interesting article about how berberine fights strep http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC175870/ Change his food, reduce sugar, epsom salt soak in the bath daily, reduce allergens in his home especially the bedding, sleep environment. Hope it helps.
  6. We're doing some detox this week because we are on break and our youngest age 7 is dragging. The older 2 have PANDAS and typically need more support around the full moon so they get detox this week anyway but the little one had several viruses that didn't clear yest and her teacher reported a lot of attention problems this quarter, also not eating well. She's on prohilactic antibiotics because she tends to be a carrier and infect the other ones. She gets one zithromax once a week but we started that when she was well and we have it in place now for 2 years. It does help, For now I'd suggest that the advice above to get her on a long maybe 3 month course of abx and probiotix to get you out of the woods while all this drags on then see about getting her some ongoing treatment and support w/ probiotics and detox.
  7. We've been with Nancy O'Hara and Gail Szakacs in Wilton since 2007, all three of our kids w different issues autism, OCD Pandas, immune. Nancy O'Hara is very experienced with PANDAS, together they are considered among the very top tier in their field nationally and internationally. Take advantage of your proximity. They seem expensive up front, but not when you consider your time (we can do phone consults vs. seeing the neurologist in the city where it's a half or whole day off school for my son or work for me to have a 15 minute chat) also consider their extensive clinical experience -- who else has this many pandas patients?. I find them very efficient and streamlined actually especially compared to other big name Neurologists and MDs we see in the city. Worth it. Check out their site for details on becoming a patient. LMK any questions.
  8. Have you tried magnesium for constipation? We used mag ox when our dd had severe impacted constipation, generally people are good on mag citrate or a tri mag blend. It is also very calming, one of the most depleted minerals in general.
  9. Dr B gives you a script for bloodwork. Almost always he has you do it elsewhere. In our case we has our blood and our youngest's blood drawn at LabCorp and the results ent to him. We do now however have our DAN draw all bloods for our two kids with PANDAS.
  10. We have done a lot of NF w our 2 kids one w PANDAS ADHD OCD and one with the same + Autism. My sense is as you are presenting it adjunct with psyc care it would be helpful in calming. There are definite physiological effects to NF and up front they can look negative as the body adjusts so it should begin very slowly even just a few minutes working up to more time each session. It's tempting to rush. But, it also wears off after a while and you need to keep doing it unless you can do approx 60 sessions in an intense time period then you can own more of the change. Having said that I think it ultimately helped the kids discover calm. These kids may have never experienced it and certainly need a lot of support. They may have never known it, they may have never known how to get it but at least now they can say when they are not calm, and that's a gift -- their ability to self identify, self advocate was the big gift of NF as well as the diminished flight response in my son which I am sure was a gift to him but selfishly has probably prevented me having a heart attack from the bolting and the running away.
  11. Our Dr rec for our daughter we use l-Theanine 200 mg in the a.m. 200 mg after school 2 capsules of Norlox a.m. 5htp in the a.m. 300 mg pycnogenol in the a.m. -- we worked up to those doses Nordic Naturals EPAxtra 4 capsules a day She also gets Magnesium Citrate 500 mg in the evening Kirkmans every day multi - important to round out deficiencies For sleep we use Hylands sleep tablets and we give Kirkman slow release melatonin 2.5 mg Most of these supplements available at "Lee Silsby Our Kids" pharmacy (enter the shipping code FREE) they are crazy nice and crazy fast, Norlox I get on Amazon.com ------------------------------------------------- Here's a list I got from another board that I keep on hand, important to remember anxiety isn't just anxiety it is a symptom of body dysregulation - you'll need a few tricks in your bag. Anti-Anxiety Solutions Posted by: "autisminfomaniac" autisminfomaniac@yahoo.com autisminfomaniac Mon Feb 9, 2009 6:46 am (PST) Check with your DAN doctor on specifics... hese Substances may Alleviate Anxiety Substances that alleviate Anxiety are known as Anxiolytics (also known as Sedatives). Alcohols Dimethylvinylcarbin ol may alleviate Anxiety (due it sedating the CNS). [more info] Amino Acids 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptopha n) may alleviate Anxiety. references Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) may reduce Anxiety. references Arginine (combined with Lysine) may reduce Stress-induced Anxiety. references Anxiety may be caused by Histidine imbalances. [more info] Lysine (combined with Arginine) may reduce Stress-induced Anxiety. references Phenylalanine may alleviate some cases of Anxiety. references Taurine may alleviate Anxiety (by sedating the Central Nervous System). references Theanine may be useful for the treatment of Anxiety (due to its ability to stimulate the generation of (relaxing) Alpha Waves in the Brain). references Threonine may alleviate Anxiety. [more info] Tryptophan may alleviate Anxiety. references Tyrosine may alleviate Anxiety. references Animal-Derived Supplements Stabilium may alleviate Anxiety - the effect of Stabilium is described as being mild. long-term and subjectively subtle (compared to the powerful but short-term effects of Benzodiazepines) . references Enzymes Pyruvate Dehydrogenase may help to prevent Anxiety (by inhibiting the conversion of Pyruvic Acid to Lactic Acid). Hormones DHEA (Dehydroepiandroste rone) may alleviate Anxiety. references Supplemental Melatonin often may alleviate Anxiety (due to its ability to bind to Benzodiazepine Receptors). references Supplemental Pregnenolone may be useful for the treatment of Anxiety. references Lipids Phosphatidylserine may alleviate Anxiety. references Minerals Anxiety may occur as a result of Calcium deficiency. Calcium may help to prevent Anxiety by lowering elevated Lactic Acid levels. references Anxiety may occur as a result of Iron deficiency. [more info] Anxiety patients are often deficient in Magnesium and supplemental Magnesium (400 - 900 mg per day) may alleviate some cases of Anxiety. references Anxiety may occur as a result of Potassium deficiency. references Anxiety may occur as a result of Selenium deficiency and supplemental Selenium may reduce Anxiety in such patients. references Neurotransmitters Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) prevents Anxiety messages from reaching the motor centers of the Brain by filling the Benzodiazepine Receptors within the Brain - Vitamin B3 and Inositol are essential cofactors for this process. references Low levels of Histamine may cause Anxiety. [more info] Anxiety may occur as a result of insufficient production of Serotonin. references Polyphenols Apigenin may alleviate Anxiety (by binding to and activating Benzodiazepine Receptors). references Chrysin binds to and activates Benzodiazepine Receptors - this activation of Benzodiazepine Receptors may help to alleviate Anxiety. references Ferulic Acid may alleviate Anxiety. references Gamma Oryzanol may alleviate Anxiety. references Smart Drugs Centrophenoxine may alleviate Anxiety. references Dilantin may reduce Anxiety. references Dimethylaminoethano l (DMAE) may alleviate Anxiety. references Gamma-Hydroxybutyri c Acid (GHB) may alleviate Anxiety (by enhancing the function of Gamma Aminobutyric Acid). [more info] Gerovital (GH-3) may alleviate Anxiety (especially in the elderly). references Nimodipine may alleviate Anxiety. [more info] Ondansetron may alleviate Anxiety (by antagonizing the 5-HT3 Receptors within the Brain, facilitating the release of Acetylcholine and preventing excessive Serotonin activity). [more info] Oxiracetam may alleviate Anxiety. references Picamilon may alleviate Anxiety (without producing sedation). references Piracetam may alleviate Anxiety. references Pramiracetam may alleviate Anxiety in Alzheimer's Disease patients. Pyroglutamate may alleviate Anxiety. references Vinpocetine may alleviate some cases of Anxiety (where Anxiety is caused by Cerebral Insufficiency) . references Zatosetron may alleviate Anxiety (by antagonizing the 5-HT3 Receptors within the Brain, facilitating the release of Acetylcholine and preventing excessive Serotonin activity). Sulfuric Compounds Methylsulfonylmetha ne (MSM) (3,000 - 9,000 mg per day) may alleviate Anxiety. references Vitamins Folic Acid (especially when administered concurrently with Vitamin B12) may alleviate Anxiety. [more info] Inositol may alleviate Anxiety (by enhancing the ability of GABA to bind to the Benzodiazepine Receptors in the Brain). references Vitamin B1 may alleviate many cases of Anxiety (by activating the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase enzyme, thereby inhibiting the conversion of Pyruvic Acid to Lactic Acid - Lactic Acid is an underlying cause of Anxiety). references The Niacinamide form of Vitamin B3 (1,000 - 6,000 mg per day) may alleviate Anxiety (by enhancing the ability of GABA to bind to the Benzodiazepine Receptors within the Brain). references Vitamin B6 may alleviate Anxiety. references Vitamin B12 (administered concurrently with Folic Acid) may alleviate Anxiety. [more info] Anxiety may increase the body's requirements for Vitamin C. references These Foods/Herbs may Alleviate Anxiety Aromatic Oils Neroli Oil (vapors inhaled via Aromatherapy) may alleviate Anxiety. references Fungi (Mushrooms) Reishi Mushrooms may alleviate Anxiety. [more info] Herbs Ashwagandha may alleviate Anxiety. references Black Cohosh reputedly alleviates some cases of Anxiety (according to folklore). [more info] Brahmi may alleviate Anxiety. references Chamomile may alleviate some cases of Anxiety (by sedating the Central Nervous System). references Corydalis may alleviate Anxiety. references Ginger may alleviate Anxiety. references Ginkgo biloba may alleviate some cases of Anxiety (especially when Anxiety is caused by Cerebral Insufficiency) . references Gotu Kola may alleviate Anxiety. references Green Tea may be useful for the treatment of Anxiety (due to the Theanine content of Green Tea stimulating the generation of (relaxing) Alpha Waves in the Brain). references Hops may alleviate Anxiety by sedating the Central Nervous System (primarily due to the Dimethylvinylcarbin ol content of Hops). references Kava Kava (300 mg per day) may alleviate Anxiety (primarily due to the Pyrones content of Kava Kava). references Korean Ginseng may alleviate Anxiety. references Magnolia may alleviate Anxiety. references Marapuama may alleviate Anxiety. references Passion Flower may alleviate Anxiety (primarily due to the Bioflavonoids and Harmala Alkaloids of Passion Flower sedating the Central Nervous System). references Sage may reduce Anxiety. references Saint John's Wort may alleviate Anxiety. references Skullcap may alleviate Anxiety. references Shankhpushpi may alleviate Anxiety. [more info] Valerian may alleviate Anxiety. references Zizyphus may alleviate Anxiety. [more info] Seeds Coriander Seeds may alleviate Anxiety. references In-Tele-Health © 2006 (from Hyperhealth Pro CD-ROM) Back to top Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) 10. These Substances may Cause/Exacerbate Anxiety Posted by: "autisminfomaniac" autisminfomaniac@yahoo.com autisminfomaniac Mon Feb 9, 2009 6:47 am (PST) These Substances may Cause/Exacerbate Anxiety "Anxiety may occur as a result of over-proliferation of Candida albicans." Aldehydes Acetaldehyde may cause Anxiety. references Alkaloids Anxiety may occur as a result of Caffeine withdrawal or from excessive consumption of Caffeine (caffeinism) . Caffeine may contribute to Anxiety by elevating Lactic Acid levels. Excessive consumption of Ephedrine may cause Anxiety by causing excessive stimulation of the Central Nervous System (CNS). references Anxiety may occur as a result of Nicotine (i.e. Tobacco Smoking) withdrawal. Excessive dosages of Yohimbine may cause Anxiety in some persons. Amino Acids Excessive consumption of Aspartic Acid may cause Anxiety (by causing over-stimulation of the N-methyl-D -aspartate (NMDA) Receptors in the Brain. Excessive consumption of Glutamic Acid may cause Anxiety (by causing over-stimulation of the N-methyl- D-aspartate (NMDA) Receptors in the Brain. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) may cause Anxiety (by causing over-stimulation of the N-Methyl-D- Aspartate (NMDA) Receptors in the Brain. Excessive dosages (more than 1,500 - 2,400 mg per day) of Phenylalanine supplements may cause Anxiety. references Tyramine may cause Anxiety (by overstimulating the Adrenal Glands and depleting reserves of Norepinephrine) . Environmental Toxins Amalgam Dental Fillings may cause Anxiety (due to the Mercury component of Amalgam Dental Fillings): references - Epidemiological evidence indicates that young people with Mercury-containing Amalgam Dental Fillings have a greater incidence of Anxiety compared to young people with no Amalgam Dental Fillings. Food Additives Aspartame may cause Anxiety (primarily due to its Methanol content). Hormones Excessive production of Adrenaline within the body may cause unpleasant over-stimulation that manifests as Anxiety. Excessive production of Cholecystokinin (CCK) may cause Anxiety. Minerals Cadmium may cause Anxiety. Excessive consumption of Copper may cause Anxiety. Exposure to Mercury may cause Anxiety. references Organic Acids The accumulation or production of excessive amounts of endogenous Lactic Acid (produced within the body during metabolism) may cause Anxiety (this form of Anxiety is known as Lactate Induced Anxiety Syndrome (LIAS)). references Pharmaceutical Drugs Long-term usage of Barbiturates may cause Anxiety. Anxiety may occur as a result of the Withdrawal Syndrome associated with cessation of Benzodiazepines use (despite the fact that Benzodiazepines are usually initially used to treat Anxiety). Bupropion may cause Anxiety in some persons. Anxiety is a common side effect of Clomiphene (a Fertility Drug). Anxiety may occur as a result of cessation of usage of Minor Tranquilizers. Prozac therapy may cause Anxiety (due to the increased levels of Serotonin associated with Prozac). Recreational Drugs Although Alcohol (ethanol) may temporarily alleviate Anxiety (by binding to the Benzodiazepine Receptors in the Brain), long-term or excessive consumption of Alcohol may cause Anxiety (by damaging the Benzodiazepine Receptors within the Brain) - Alcoholics usually experience Anxiety as a result of Alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol may also contribute to Anxiety be elevating Lactic Acid levels. references These Beverages/Herbs may Cause Anxiety Caffeine-Containing Beverages Anxiety may occur as a result of withdrawal from drinking Coffee (this is due to Caffeine withdrawal). Herbs Excessive consumption of Ephedra may cause Anxiety (this occurs from the Ephedrine component of Ephedra causing excessive stimulation of the Central Nervous System). These Ailments may Cause Anxiety Digestive System Anxiety may occur as a result of over-proliferation of Candida albicans. Metabolism Anxiety may occur as one of the minor symptoms of Fibromyalgia - 62% of Fibromyalgia patients experience Anxiety, Irritability and overconcern without any specific precipitating events causing these feelings. Anxiety may occur as a result of Hypoglycemia. Anxiety may occur as a result of Hypothyroidism. references Pyroluria patients may experience Anxiety. Nervous System Anxiety may occur as a result of Adrenal Insufficiency. references Anxiety may be caused by Cerebral Insufficiency (impaired Blood Circulation to the Brain). Over stimulation of the N-methyl-D-aspartat e (NMDA) Receptors in the Brain may cause Anxiety. Nutritional Ailments Anxiety may occur as a symptom of Pellagra. In-Tele-Health © 2006 (from Hyperhealth Pro CD-ROM)
  12. We were at the Opthomologist yesterday w/ appts for my 2 w/ PANDAS and me. The Dr. explained that she can see toxins floating in the interstatial fluid around the eye, the Dr. also said I had more toxins than my son (oh, great.) She said that I should focus on Detox, whatever method suggested by my practitioner (Pure Body Clear) and she suggested taking Vit. A, C and E. I explained to her that it started to become obvious that my son had a vision problem as his PANDAS improved and many of the PANDAS symptoms and viral symptoms started to fall away. My kids were both diagnosed with near sighted, far sighted and convergence problems. Previously my daughter had a mild nearsightedness. My son's eyes were just fine according to the other Eye Drs we've seen. This Dr. said in passing that that shes seeing far sightedness caused by PANDAS. Anyone else with similar problems? Thanks, Erin
  13. They take 2.5 MG, time released which does affect them differently then a regular 2, or 3 MG that is not time released would. That would knock them out, might give them nightmares like the previous poster said, it used to happen. I feel that a boy of 12 probably needs more than 1, 1.5. Also you want a supplement without a lot of fillers, sometimes the same dose in another brand works better. We do like Kirkmans because it is free of gluten and allergens that bother my kids. We get it at Lee Silsby OurKids mail order, generally if you enter FREESHIP they ship free over $40 I've read that a lot of kids with immune issues do have a mild hormone imbalance or deficit and they are just not producing melatonin properly especially in their ill state. Yes, taking another look at calcium is a good idea. It can be very calming. Please also look at magnesium for calming, and products like kids calm that are magnesium based and address basic deficiencies that can worry these kids bodies, cause sleeplessness or as you described very wired, unable to settle down. Good luck.
  14. Melatonin works when you have a melatonin deficiency. I've been working with the impression that any time you go higher than 3-5 then perhaps melatonin is not your sole need. Our Kids are younger 8 and 10, they take 2.5 mg time released melatonin (Kirkmans) every night more because it keeps them asleep vs. knocks them out. Other things you could add when you're feeling the need to go higher: Calcium and Magnesium combo, these kids need magnesium (!); GABA you can go up to 700 mg but try 100, 200 mg first; a Gaba/Theanine combo called Zen is nice with 200 mg of each as I recall; 100-300 mg of L-Theanine is very relaxing. All of these will address different deficiencies in these kids bodies. Evens them out. Works for tired parents too. Love L-Theanine for homework anxiety.
  15. HTH Sometimes all you can count on is that deep down he knows you love him and that that love stronger than PANDAS. The not so empty threats are all you got -- been there -- we're all working hard to not need them. You get a pass.
  16. NeuroScience has a saliva test. Do it on a day when you ll be close to home all day. $258
  17. There is an infusion center at the Darien office. Benadryl and Motrin given at the center seem to help. There is cable TV, reclining chair, blankets (not for the parents LOL) 6 hours is tough, the staff is great, you get through it. iPhone, Leapster, whatever your child's interests bring it, bring a big bag of snacks, you get through it.
  18. My kids take both Theanine and GABA best to start at about 100 mg and wok up slowly to max 700 mg. It can be very calming. It is sometimes used for subclinical seizures as well, calming.
  19. Yes, it happens to my son. It is not lack of eye contact but seems like a real aversion to long, sustained gaze. He avoids the TV, need low light, has a hard time looking off in the distance for more than a fleeting look and prefers to play close with small toys not big games that involve large space. There is an OT on this board who asked about OT related PANDAS symptoms back in August. I asked her about it at the time. I should ping her. I'll re-post if I hear anyting.
  20. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=142933665738910 Hey -- Just found this letter!
  21. No worries about sharing the potential downside of writing such a letter. You are kind and generous to share your experience with me and the group. I have 2 kids w PANDAS in 2 different schools. My instincts tell me that this kind of letter would never fly in my daughter's school. Instead we've met 1:1 with her teachers w. the nurse and principal and asked them to actively enforce the school's sick/home policy by phoning parents and sending sick kids home until they produce strep test note from a doctor. The nurse was thrilled to have a me come and prompt it because especially as the kids get in to later elementary years the parents don't report strep to her, they just send them to school sick or never have them checked out in the first place. How much did I know about Strep before we met PANDAS. Very little. So strep reporting is up in that school but only because of the newly revived practice of sending the kids home. My son is an an 8:1:2 program and he is not in our home district so the dynamic is very different, his social world outside of school is closer to home. The teacher so supportive, for the sake of the kids she teaches, because it gives her leverage to get the parents to send the kids for a test. I guess I should hope for the best but brace myself for a little back biting. Thank you for your reply.
  22. Anyone send a letter to classmates parents? My son's teacher is so helpful and really on board but so frustrated with other parents who do not take their kids for strep tests when they have a sore throat. She asked if I could write a letter imploring their help to help my son. Anyone do this? Anyone have a letter they could share with me? Many, many thanks!
  23. I agree. Biofilm is good for us, good when you have a body that harbors toxins. There is a DAN notion that Bacteria-Virus-Yeast-Metals form bonds in which it is very difficult to extricate one from another. We have done Biofilm and we've seen some remediations and calming of general symptoms from virus and bacteira. Having said that in short courses it's not a cure. People can do well on this when they do it for a long time. Or not. I think it's worth a trial. Personally we did all do it for 8 weeks once. We now get on it in short bursts 1-2 week when we have bacteria or virus in the house because frequently we'll have just enough of a reaction that we just get foggy or aches & pains and can't shake it unless we do biofilm. There are lots of different ways to do it but upfront is generally an enzyme formula that will break down cell walls of yeast or virus, next is anti fungals, antibiotics or meds for whatever your issue is, and last is stomach calming (small snack like crackers) followed by fiber and or activated charcoal away from other supplements. We like charcoal better but fiber helps some in which case I'd advise both based on my family's experience. We also note that when on antibiotics like most recently Zithromax we tend to show lower reading for toxins in general and for toxic metals in particular, perhaps bacteria holds metals (?) and antibiotics help rid bacteria. We note also that on the downside we do have a lot of yeast on antibiotics = yes, it's wack a mole.
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