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  1. I love hearing outcomes like that . I have heard a few other people with easy recoveries like that one. it seems to vary quite a lot.
  2. Thanks so much for the reply and useful information. We were going to ask about the overnight stay due to the sleep apnea. You are right the IV fluids would definitely be a huge added bonus. I am dreading my poor guys pain after the surgery but know he can't keep having so many sleep interruptions and such low oxygen saturation overnight. Thank you for the encouragement to get through it.
  3. That is wonderful news! Our 6 year old son is scheduled for T & A removal in November. He has both obstructive and central apnea. Did they take any extra precautions in regards to sedation/anesthesia because of the apnea? I have been reading way too much about possible complications in those regards. Darn that Google. We will be contacting our ENT with questions next week. I hope the upward momentum continues for your little one.
  4. Teri- Yes, our son does have a PANDAS diagnosis originally through Dr. K. and Dr. T last October. We now see Dr. Alarcio in Phoenix since we live in New Mexico. Our pediatrician here has been quite supportive and willing to consult readily with our PANDAS doc. Of course yesterday we had to see someone else who used the phrase "If we treat this". Although I am usually a VERY calm person, this got me pretty riled which is when she suggested repeating the clindamycin. Our son has had success in the past with ABX treatment. He even had a month free of symptoms after a round of clindamycin
  5. I wrote recently about my 5 year old son’s eye movement tics ( positive strep). He was placed on 10d clindamycin and around day 10 his tics improved considerably. Of course they worsened again over the next few days. 4d after completing the clindamycin he tested positive for strep still. His physician gave him a bicilin injection. He again got better for a few days. I should note that when he is not on other treatment antibiotics he is on 200mg azithromycin daily + advil + probiotics and that in the past he has been able to clear a strep infection with clindamycin. We removed all other medica
  6. My 5 year old son has been diagnosed with PANDAS since last October. He presents typically with motor tics, vocal tics, anxiety and rage. His tests have shown both strep (off and on) ,a previous mycoP infection and extremely high EBV antibodies. Last week we started him on a new protocol from Dr. Alarcio: Rifamdin, Cefdinir, Leucovorin, Advil, Vit D, Mutlivitamin, Fish Oil, Culterelle and Florastor. A few days in his eye rolled back while at school and he became unresponsive for about 30 minutes. We took him to the hospital and he tested positive for strep with no other indication for why it h
  7. Hi all. Our 5 year old son was recently diagnosed with PANDAS. We had an amazingly symptom free month following treatment of strep. He is now backsliding with both tics and behaviors. We are waiting on labwork ordered by Dr. T but we would also love to have a more local PANDAS-knowledgeable physician to interact with. Are there any recommendations for doctors near Albuquerque, NM? And by "near" I would be thrilled if they were even in a neighboring state. Thanks! Bridget
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