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  1. I'm no pansy when it comes to meds. For Lyme treatment alone I've taken two liquid detoxes, which as you can problably imagine tasted WONDERFUL, & two tinctures that actually weren't all that bad. When I initially got put on antipsychotics I couldn't swallow pills & so I was taking liquid Risperdal multiple times a day. My point being... I'm no baby. I can make myself deal with some foul tasting stuff & have proven so on multiple occasions. Took the Mepron last night, which really wasn't that bad. Just numbed my mouth & made me look like I had lost a fight with Big Bird. It
  2. Got taken off of the Doxycycline because of the phototoxic rashes. Added in 500mg Azithromycin a day (such a high dose because I have a resistance to it. It's one of the abx UrgentCare doctors like to throw at you when they say you have an upper respiratory infection without even looking at your throat), 5mL Mepron twice a day, 500mg Alinia twice a day (haven't gotten that one yet though...), 2 tablets Artemisinin a day, 3 capsules Adrecor a day, & 2 "droppers" of Para-A twice a day. We kept the Cefdinir at 300mg twice a day, kept the Samento, & replaced the Noni with Cumanda. In one m
  3. Hi! Herxing is different for everyone so I can't really tell you one way or the other how it'll be, if it even happens, for you guys but I can tell you how it happened for me. "Anyways, is it true that my childs behaviors are going to get much worse before they get better?" One of the most common herxing symptoms is fatigue, & in all honesty mine was so bad that I could hardly think enough to act on my OCD. I'm Narcoleptic so my fatigue was worse than most, but I haven't heard much about OCD getting worse in a herx. The two ways I see people most often describe herxing are that it exa
  4. Doxy's a nasty one. It's not a "sunburn", it's called a "Phototoxic rash" & it's a kind of Porphyria. I only clarify cos it makes a difference with how you deal with it. The thing that sucks about them is that once you get one... they just keep on coming. I took my last dose of Doxy yesterday morning because, as my doctor put it, "Unless you plan on never leaving the house, you can't stay out of the sun in Texas". It took over a month for me to become photosensitive but I was EXTREMELY sensitive once it happened. The first rash came when I had been outside, with sunscreen, for only twe
  5. I don't have any advice but I am so sorry that you are in this situation & if there's ANYTHING I can do to help just let me know!
  6. I'm gonna post on the Lyme board about my second LLMD appointment on Tuesday, but for now all I have time for is this. I started therapy something like three weeks ago. Had my second appointment yesterday & he echoed three other doctors by telling me that I was BiPolar. Nope. Nuh uh. No way. Not having that. I've gotten comfortable enough around doctors to know when I need to hold my tongue, & this was not one of those times. I let him know that he was wrong & that I wouldn't be taking Lithium or any other mood stabilizer. I like this doctor because he's very open to my opinion
  7. Don't have kidney issues over here but I'm sure there's gotta be someone on here who could relate!
  8. The Omega 3 & Vit D might have helped but they wouldn't have dropped the antibodies. The test does indicate a recent infection though, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Mostly just reiterating that a lot of, if not MOST P.A.N.D.A.S. kids are asymptomatic for strep. I won't get ANY strep-like symptoms when I get it. I just know to get tested whenever my friends start getting sick. I tested skyhigh for strep (especially a specific kind called GABHs) for the first fourteen years of my life, but only showed symptoms for the first half of that. Quite often when P.A.N.D.A.S. kids get
  9. My Mom sent my information in YEARS ago but never heard anything back as far as I know. So awesome to see them doing things like this!
  10. This is a bad, bad morning. I'm currently sitting up against my bathroom wall, trying to stay near the toilet. I have a fasting bloodwork draw with Rao at 9:45. So, I haven't eaten in something like twelve hours. Dumb me wasn't thinking, got on autopilot as soon as I woke up, & took all of my morning pills anyway. That includes Doxy & Omnicef. I've heard people say it's made them a bit queasy, it even makes me a tad queasy if I haven't eaten enough, but oh my GOD. my body is trying to throw up all of the medication but won't. So I just keep retching & gagging & nothing is h
  11. Didn't go to school today. Long story. Basically, I kept trying & it just didn't work out. Anyway, this is TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge & Skills) week. TAKS is a state mandated & issued test that takes nearly all day & is nothing short of mind-numbing. That being said, whenever it comes around the whole school freaks out & tries to act all in tip-top shape. Specifically, they freak out about the bathroom. We've only had one test so far this year (the English one) & the teacher whose room I got put in (it's alphabetical through your entire grade - not a teacher y
  12. I do have Bartonella & I get the same spiderweb rash as Amanda's girls. This isn't from that though. What did you do for it? I did use sunscreen even though I was tanning because I am as white as white gets & really prone to burning. Odd thing was that it popped up while I was lying on my back & not facing the sun.
  13. Was feeling so good today I decided to go tan for the first time ever. Guess how well that went? After posting a FaceBook status about it my phone was blowing up with notifications but I wasn't checking them because I was relaxing. Go figure. Anyway, Linda was freaking out that I was in the sun & eventually my Mom got ahold of me & told me to get out. I looked it up on my phone, saw that it didn't seem to be that risky, & decided to stay out for ten more minutes since that was how much time I wanted anyway. As soon as I went to lay back down though my friend was like "What's on yo
  14. When my teacher was explaining religion she told us that faith is an umbrella. You've got Islam. & then under that umbrella you've got Sunni, Shi'ia, Sufi, all that... You've got Christianity, & under that you've got Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, blah blah. I see P.A.N.D.A.S. & Lyme the same way. You've got P.A.N.D.A.S., & then under that you've got OCD, tic disorders, immune problems... Under Lyme though you just pretty much have everything. Epilepsy, heart problems, & Dystonia definitely aren't uncommon with Lyme. That being said, I have "picked" one. Or two, I g
  15. As you can Probably tell from the title, these past couple weeks haven't exactly been great. I'm typing this on my phone on a bus, so I apologize in advance for any typos. Memory problems have worsened tenfold. Putting that first because I honestly can't remember what I was going to post... Whatever. Guess I'll start with yesterday. Saw a psychiatrist (FINALLY) & Dr. Rao (Again... FINALLY). Liked both of them. My Mom had to come in for the first psych consult. We mostly just covered the basics but I'm definitely looking forward to being back in therapy. He suggested mood disorders.
  16. On Thursday I did eat lunch at the scheduled time & I ate fine today, too. Neither of them helped. :/ Thursday I had waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A (you could probably guess that there's a story behind that, haha) & for whatever reason my friend made mashed potatoes, corn, hashbrowns, & mac n' cheese for lunch/breakfast at 11:30 today. Didn't do a thing to curb it.
  17. As most of you probably know I refrain from posting anything until I'm sure it's necessary. Don't wanna post about what I think could be a symptom/herx & then just find out it's some one day fluke. For the past week or two, I have felt horrible. Well. More horrible than usual. The weirdest part about it though is that it starts at the same time everyday... Around 1PM. like clockwork. Some days it's gone away quickly, others (like last night) I go to bed still feeling like it. My school starts at 7AM, we have lunch at 10:30AM on A days & 1:00PM on B days. & we get out at 2:3
  18. Besides sunglasses, obviously. As awesome as looking like a mysterious secret spy sounds, I'd rather not have to wear shades ALL the time. Besides, lately I've had troubles finding any dark enough! Are there ANY other options?! This is the only symptoms that has just gotten insane with treatment. Oddly enough, it wasn't even a symptom before! Ugh.
  19. Added Omnicef (100 mg BID) on Thursday (or something like that). Was supposed to have finished Yodoxin but I still have some left. :/ Thought it was twice daily in the beginning when it's really three times daily. Oops. Whatever. Had a pretty good weekend. Even got out of the house three times. Hung out with my old friends Danielle, Dane, & Lyndze (how she wants me to spell it -___-) on Friday. Spent the night & made bracelets with my friend Lindsey same night. Hung out with my friend Victoria (yes, the Braum's one) Saturday & spent the night with her that night. The first two
  20. Okay. Finally have time for a proper response. Denise ~ I'm SO SORRY I haven't responded to your FaceBook message. When it gets sent to my phone it automatically gets marked as "read" so I never see it when I get on the actual computer... Promise I will do that though. Thanks for being awesome. Vickie ~ That definitely means something! Knowing y'all are here helps a lot. Emily ~ You are an angel. & FaceBook did the same thing to your message that it did to Denise's. D: so you get an apology too. I completely & totally understand what you're saying. Being pissed off sounds
  21. Hiya! I'm still lurking around. Just trying not to get on here so much in an attempt to not focus TOO much on treatment, if that makes sense. I have been doing alright! Definitely herxing, hahah. Added Omnicef last night & I felt pretty good today. I doubt it would make a difference that quickly but hey. A girl can hope. So far, treatment is going well!
  22. I don't have time to respond to everyone but I just wanted to say that I'm doing better today. Not on-top-of-the-world better, but better nonetheless. I think just putting that all down made a huge difference. Thank you all. <333 Once I finish writing this all down tonight I'm going to edit it. As usual, I feel like I said a bit too much & I'm always worried of offending people. So just in case I'll probably be removing some of the darker parts.
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