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  1. Please share your experience with us. I am a little skeptical about this phone consultation myself but if it is only way it would be with us being here in California, so be it. I am thinking of going with Dr. T as he might come out California sometime soon and I am familiar with NJ if I have to make that trip.
  2. I live in Diamond Bar, California. I just canceled appt with this Dr. in Burbank for she does not do antibiotics or IVIG but with natural supplements Since my son is 16 yrs old and been through all that already, I would like someone with more aggressive approach. I would like to know more about Dr. T? Thank you
  3. Northern or Southern? I am looking for one in southern part. Thank you
  4. Thank you so much for your advises. Internet could be truly wonderful thing. My son went through 5 or 6 SSRI because they were not working or causing other symptoms in the beginning of the treatment. He would do really well sometimes without meds so I began to explore possibility of bipolar with the doctor only to realize he did not have core symptoms of bipolar. I wanted to know why did his ocd tendency comes and goes? Then out of nowhere, he went back to have ocd signs. Since other SSRI did not seem to work itself, his doctor added abilify with zoloft ( one of the ssri that can combine with abilify). While he was on those meds for more than 3 years, his ocd was somewhat under control but he became very restless and hyper when he was not otherwise knock out with abilify. ( even with concerta) I stopped his meds completely 3 and 1/2 months ago and put him on supplements. He really seemed to do better ( more focused, reasonable)for last 3 months until he started to complain about headaches and something being stuck on his esophagus. Then about a week ago, his intrusive flash backs and rages came back in full force. We might have to go back to some kind of medication but for now, it is good to know there are something to be done to ease his pain in deeper way than just temporal measurement. Thank you again for sharing this pain with me
  5. My son was a very good baby who met all the age appropriate milestone and beyond. I was shattered when my son then 8 years old/2nd grader started to show strange behavior like nodding his heads, humming, and blinking his eyes along with obsession that one of his class mate was staring and watching his every move, hence bad social life as well as bad school performance. At the time he had on going sore throat and a pea size lymph nod sticking out in his neck (our family Doc said not to worry for they are common). To be fair, I have to say his inattention and impulsiveness began a year prior to that particular period but he was very bright and mastered his alphabet and numbers even before preschool and never had attention problems. Now I look back, I realized that he had constant ear problems and some sensory issues ( head banging, toe walking, I had to say the exact words he wanted me to say) as young as 2 or 3 but they went away and were forgotten until this strange behavior merged. I took him see to allergist( he had constant rashes), endocronolist(hormone?), neurologist, urologist( frequent urine), psychiatrist, and after taking MRI, I final ended up in a child psychiatrist who diagnosised my son with PDD -NOS. I could not agree with him all the way for I knew my son never had problem interacting with anybody if not too much, he was always full of life and very sensitive ( in fact, too sensitive) His feelings were always hurt because he knew what others were thinking and saying yet he could not help himself. But I still followed his direction and started my son on SSRI and concerta. I accepted my son's PDD and stopped looking for answer else where. We added abilify to control his rages that came out of nowhere when he turned 12. He slept through his 8, 9, 10th grade while he was on these meds. I don't know where I got the courage to quit his meds and put him on GFCF/ sugar free diet and started to face his OCD face to face but I did jut that 3months ago. I pulled him out of high school ( half way through 11th grade) where he was not gaining anything with bad grades that did not lead him to college path and started home schooling( still through his Christian school system) I knew he was growing up and in less than 2 years he would be 18 years old which means he may not listen to me anymore. We are seeing a doctor specializing in PANDAS in a week . I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I know at least what is wrong with my son and this brings me much comport in a way that I feel peace with myself ( as well as guilt that I did not do something earlier) I thank you for reading this and would appreciate your input if you agree with me or not for thinking he is PANDAS and not PDD We (my hus, older son, I) have say exact words he wants to hear from us - he follows and bothers us until we do We cannot touch or do it certain way with his things otherwise he gets very angry. He asks same question again and again. He gets flash back (intrusive thoughts) from something that happened months ago and become violently angry. He can not let go if something bothers him and keep saying " say sorry". He has very loud voice. He has ticks on and off. his symptoms become more severe when he urinate more often. He does not keep his thoughts to himself ( we don't want to hear but he have to say what is on his mind- mostly bad things he wants to do to if somebody did him wrong) I live in constant fear that he would do something to hurt somebody someday even though he never actually hurt or did any of those. he has frequent headaches. He is drawn to dark movies, dark songs, and dark games. Thank you again
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