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  1. Hi Kim - Hope you are having a great new years. Someone very nicely suggested I reach out to you when I posted this post last night. Any suggestions feedback: 

    Has anyone had their PANS/PANDAS child with Acute sinusitis have sinus surgery and what was the outcome. We see top PANS/PANDAS doc out of state our son has strep and acute sinusitis the strep titers are coming down form 800 to 236 with augmentium but he can't treat the sinuses with antibiotics so we have to see a PANDAS friendly ENT next week and its been almost 7 years of trying to get our son better so I am thinking sinus surgery ( both my husband and myself had this done) genetic condition. Anyone have any kiddos with PANDAS or PANS have this surgery done? I would love to hear feedback. We are seeing Dr. Donald Keamy at Mass Eye and Ear next week.  Thanks so much for any help to ease my mind at this point I am almost like take the tonsils out and do the sinus surgery I just want it all out NO more infections I am so sick of this condition!!!! 

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