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  1. Has anyone on this board used Dr Agustin Legido of St Christophers hospital in Philadelphia PA? If you have, please either share your experience here in a reply post, or send it to me via PM. I'd like to hear your general experience with him, and specifically if he was willing to do IVIG for your child and if indeed you had it done with him. Thanks!
  2. Try this: http://www.voiceamerica.com/voiceamerica/v....aspx?aid=43934 Link worked
  3. Try this: http://www.voiceamerica.com/voiceamerica/v....aspx?aid=43934
  4. One approach that at time helps is when I remind him how "I totally went out of my way to get (or do) such and such for you and the least you could do is quiet down and cooperate with me".
  5. "Hyper" is putting it mildly. Me and my wife almost have to were earplugs to keep our sanity from all the shouting and yelling and havoc that our pandas kids create for us daily. I mean, they fight over every stupid little thing. If one sibling got an extra jelly bean, my pandas son is on the floor kicking and screaming.
  6. I haven't seen him, but did have a phone consult with him. He really comes across as so understanding your situation and he's really on the ball. He asks very specific questions, and he's very decisive and opinionated. He'll tell you exactly what he wants you to do. Doesn't accept credit cards, so be prepared to lay out at least $350 cash or check. She's really nice, but very busy and overwhelmed. You have to be very persistant in getting her to respond to you. Just met him. He's really nice and knows his stuff. He just recently opened his office, and is not set up yet to administer IVIG, but he's open to it as a method of treatment.
  7. Try speaking to Kathy at Dr Cunningham's office. She is really nice and might be able to fill you in on the results.
  8. I heard that Dr T will also be appearing on the show
  9. This is major. Really huge. Its going to bring our community loads of needed attention.
  10. I did a phone consult about 4 months ago with Dr K and was very impressed with him. We would like to consult with him again, but flying out to Chicago is too costly at this time, and a phone consult goes for about $325 - $350. I was wondering, if there's enough parents out here in the Northeast (NJ, NY, PA, MD etc) who would be interesed in seeing him but can't afford to fly out to Chicago, maybe we can fly him here? If there's enough parents who are interested, maybe we can fly him in and set up 6 - 10 appointments in one day? I haven't asked him yet, but was first wondering if there's any interest from our end?
  11. I asked Dr Latimer -"What does Dr Cunningham's test mean to you?" Her response - "It means alot to me".
  12. I'll just add that she does look out for various physical symptoms (such as the way the child sits i.e. upright or hunched over, and she has the child outstretch their arms to detect chorean movement etc) which she couldn't check via a phone consult.
  13. It depends. If all you want is a consult with a knowledgeable PANDAS doctor then do it with Dr K. Its $325, but worth every penny (check out his website www.webpediatrics.com ). If you intend on doing IVIG or Plasma exchange and would like to have it covered by insurance, then you would probably need to actually see the doctor in person. I doubt insurance would cover you based on a phone consult with a Doctor. If thats the case, choose whichever doctor is closer to you or cheaper to travel to etc
  14. Dr Latimer asks if there are pets at home. If yes, she suggests that it should be cultured. Is it because she believes that a pet can be a strep carrier and cause haywire among us?
  15. Thanks for the info! Do you know what his PANDAS protocol is?
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