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    Hi Kim I am not sure how much you know about supplements as an alternative to meds for tic relief. My son was on meds for a year with HORRIBLE side effects........for the last almost 2 years he has been med-free and on supplements and the results are remarkable. We also discovered that hehad some food reactivities, especially pnuts,artificial adds&colors etc) and eliminating these from his diet really helps. He also finds acupuncture & reflexology very helpful when tics are on the wax..... There is also great benefit in a new technology known as biofeedback. The supplement program we follow is based on that recommended by Bonnie Grimaldi. She has now formulated her own products BonTech (http://www.BonnieGr.com) but her original recommendations are at this link http://www.geocities.com/Area51/5207/ts_ma...bonnie_sup.html Although this list may seem intimidating at first, you can simply use it as a guideline.......we find that a good multivite, combined with some combination formulas that provide the extra stuff works just fine. As my son is often bothered more by his OCD than the tics, we have added some additional herbs and supplements specifically to help with this. Hope this info is helpful to you
  2. Hi There Chlorine is a very definite tic trigger for my son...... it is real hard to balance as being in water seems to calm tics, and so much water has chlorine.......from tub to pools. We had a discussion recently on the BrainTalk Forum about the survey here at Latitudes and what sets our kids off......... you may want to add chlorine there as I dont think any of us remembered to add it here's the link http://neuro-mancer.mgh.harvard.edu/ubb/Fo...TML/005226.html
  3. Hi I so agree that the management of environmental triggers for tics is way beyond just diet. My son has spent some time documenting his tic triggers (inspired by the tic survey done here on ACN) and they range from diet to sound to light to tactile to emotional........... There was quite an interesting discussion on this on the BrainTalk TS Forum if anyone is interested http://neuro-mancer.mgh.harvard.edu/ubb/Fo...TML/005226.html Jeff.....you may want to post your info on the Feingold Diet on that Forum too as a new topic......I am sure there are many people there who would benefit from it
  4. Hi Paul I have used this website so often and never came to the Forum.....good to see you here. My son loves that little TSA guy that you have in your signature. He leaves for Nicaragua on Tuesday (says trembling Mom) but I know it is going to be a life-changing opportunity for a 13yr old . He will have all his supplements given by the nurse practitioner who is going as one of the chaperones, so hopefully the tics and OCD will remain in waning mode...my biggest concern is the heat there as I know that overheating can be a trigger......I bought him one of those mister bottles to help.....and a little keyring style b/o fan.....they are going to be helping to build the orphanage for the little church there so they will be working in the heat....sure hope the gadgets help cool him a bit. OOOH! I am really nervous about this trip......but, I gotta learn to let go.... Have a good night
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