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  1. Hi @madimi - there must be something in the air! After a good chunk of time with mild tics, not gone, but really not noticeable, my daughter over the last 2 weeks has seen a big increase in tics and new ones. She has been doing an eye wink/lip stretch for a while but would happen maybe 1-3 times an hour, now it's literally every 2-5 seconds. She's also started to scrunch up her stomach/slight hunching over, incessant scratching all over her body, throat clear/grunt type sound every 5 seconds. I've had two meltdowns privately over this. Frankly every time I see her do this (which is often), it feels like a knife is stabbing my heart. I do hide all my emotions from her, and it still continues not to bother her. In fact, today she went to the park to play, ran into 5 other classmates and they all ended up in our backyard playing and it made me so happy to see. I hold onto the good, and have started my own gratitude journal to write down 1-3 things I'm grateful for every day to get me through this. I've actually started her doing it as well, every night before bed she writes down 1 thing she's grateful for. In addition to all of this, my older daughter (12) who has had vocal tics on and off for years (no motor), developed an eye roll in January. It went away after 3 weeks and two days ago, started up again. She told me today, friends are starting to ask at school what is wrong with her eyes. We've had discussions about her vocal tics, as she also has a very frequent throat clearing tic, so she knows what tics are, but I'm certain she doesn't talk about it with her friends. She has ADHD and I'm also starting to see OCD tendencies in her. Like I said, my heart hurts, I keep trying to see the good, remind myself this increase in activity will hopefully pass soon and continue to be present for my kids. But it's so challenging. I worry about their future and their happiness. You are not alone in this!
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  2. FraggleRed

    Vocal tics

    My daughter has had a throat clearing tic as well as a squeaking tic. BUT she is doing remarkably well and is not medicated. The average person would never know she tics. I know that vocal tics are viewed with dread, I just want to assure parents out there that simple vocal tics are no worse than simple motor tics.
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