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TMJ/TMD Device for tics/retainer

Posted by lulu648 in lulu648's Blog, 25 October 2016 · 269 views
Dental TMJ TMD Retainer

UPDATE: 11/1/16
Thank you to Sheila who sent me a link for a dentist in Seattle who we went and saw last weekend. Here is the link:
He was so very nice, saw us on a Saturday and had a few options of things to try. He tried testing for the mouthguard, he tried an FDA approved anxiety device (y...


From: Our experience with Repreeve

Posted by kptrsn in kptrsn's Blog, 08 February 2016 · 810 views

Source: Our experience with Repreeve


eye twitching

Posted by sarama37 in sarama37's Blog, 12 January 2015 · 1,292 views

My 9 year old son started to  eye twitching 4 months ago. I took him to behavioral doctor and he said that it should go away within 6-12 months. He asked him to count as fast as he can to up to 200 and he did not blink or twitch once when he was counting. He is fine in the morning but I noticed that when he is around kids, get excited, tired, focused...

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