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    eye twitching

    My 9 year old son started to eye twitching 4 months ago. I took him to behavioral doctor and he said that it should go away within 6-12 months. He asked him to count as fast as he can to up to 200 and he did not blink or twitch once when he was counting. He is fine in the morning but I noticed that when he is around kids, get excited, tired, focused in karate or plays his xbox, his twitching gets much worse. We took him bowling last Sat. and when he was twitching all the time there. I see that stress effects him. Should I not let him to be with his cousins and other kids? He is twitching in school too. What is the chance that this will go away in fact? What are the statistics? I do not know yet if this is Transient Tic or Chronic because it has not be going on for over 12 months. He is also affraid to sleep in his room by himself and take shower by himself so I always need to be in bathroom with him...Did anyone experience something like this. Devastated Mother..
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