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2nd Generation Tic Behavior



Happy New Year to all.


I am new to this site and am totally enjoying it. My problem is I am a Fix-It-Grandma and have just experienced that after my son got through his tic behavior (20 years ago)...we now have his son at 8 years old doing a complete repeat.


It is hard to go back to, we thought we were blessed by God to have our son's resolved, but now our heart goes out to our grandson. I have researched all the new behavior. I immediately settled into the visual stimulation of the TV, Video games and the stimulation. Our grandson is an ideal, perfect student, who during a Arts performance (dark & light) experienced head movements. After that, during Christmas...dark rooms with TV flicker (big screens) and new XBox and Video games, continued to progress in his tic behavior.


I recently read the GABA findings of kids with tic behavior...has anyone studied this?
I am willing to help our little family to desinsitize the house, make changes in diet & environment, and I am wondering about the GABA supplements in helping.


We have another granddaughter right behind him, and a newborn of 5 months following.


Any advice, sharing, help?


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