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anybody tried Gabapentin? ? or Buspar

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Hi, Lotafaith! I'm just exploring this forum because I fear my anxious dd is starting with an OCD behavior, so I have very little experience with OCD. However, my family has LOTS of experience with meds for neuropsychiatric issues. I wanted to address side effects.


Three of my children have tried Buspar for anxiety. No one experienced any side effects, but no one got relief from the anxiety either. I take Gabapentin for trigeminal neuralgia (facial nerve pain.) It works, but the side effects are terrible. This drug is known to scramble your brain. It affects the ability to find words, and it affects short-term memory and the ability to follow through with one's own train of thought in actions and in conversation. I feel dumb on anything more than the smallest dose--which I am now surviving on, thank goodness! I've read about many other adults experience the same side effects. I would not use this drug unless I absolutely needed to.


Just my two cents...

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