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  1. My dd12 started Lamictal for mood when she was 11. It has been her wonder drug. We tried many before finding this one. But remember every child will react diff to medications. Our side effect was she would become tired at noon, but with a 1.5 hr nap, she would be back up and going
  2. I took my dd12, 7th grade, out of private school this year and we are using K12. They send parent workbooks with answers to each subject. You also have real teachers whom you can K-mail, or call personally for any help. So far we are making passing grades, and I'm not smarter than a 2nd grader
  3. My dd8 also did not like her psychiatrist in the start, she would walk in and lay face down on the couch refusing to look or answer anything the Dr. ask'd. It was very frustrating, but really showed our Dr. that we had serious problems ! After 2 yrs of visits, our dd10 started to loosen up and actually sit on the couch for a few minutes to answer questions as long as she could go play right after. Now at 4 yrs, our dd12 will actually sit and talk to her Dr. Everything that deals with treatment or help with PANDAS is slow moving. It takes time. Hang in there And Celexa proved to be our best friend over all the rest. But remember that every child can respond diff to each medication.
  4. Thanks, I have a friend who has a granddaughter that exhibits PANDAS symptoms, but when she told me she had been diagnosed with R A, It shook me a lil, remembering I had read about PANDAS and R A somewhere. I'm sure it was prob about the fact they are both autoimmune disorders. Thanks again.
  5. Does RA have any connection to PANDAS or PANDAS symptoms ?
  6. Melatonin was our only help. We used the strawberry fast dissolve 3 mg, and usually had to give 2 tablets. (12yrs old) We went through the same problem with sleep cycle. It eventually went away and resolved, but I still keep this wonder sleep aid in our med cabinet all the time for those occasional insomnia nights.
  7. Im one of the very fortunate ones and have 3 children, and only one with PANDAS, the youngest is 7.
  8. Something else we added for dd's extreme violent rage was anger therapy, with a great therapist once a week. DD actually enjoyed going, because we found a seriously great therapist that made it fun for her, and it did help 50/50. Costly, but it did help us.
  9. I PM'd you a short story of improvement with my dd's puberty.
  10. Can you help me find an interesting article I recently read that I have seemed to misplace. It is about pandas being categorized into 3 levels. Mild, Moderate, and Severe. I really need to find this article ! I know it was on one of the most used networks we all read. I first thought pandasnetwork. Thanks
  11. buspar did absolutly nothing for us, Gabapentin aggravated ocd's and phobias for dd11.
  12. I am forever grateful we did this testing on our dd 9 at the time. We found a top pediatric neuropsychiatric dr that our insurance paid for, ($2500) Not only have we used this "very, very" detailed report for her 504 plan at school, but with her therapist, psychiatrist, neurologist, and pediatrician. I have copies on me for when we have to go to the er, for the er dr's to get a quick understanding of who she is. I have copies of every lab, hospital records, test, etc. and this report is by far the most important piece of my file. It also helped me to understand her much better.
  13. My dd 11 is VERY odd with her father, sister, brother, and ofcoarse especially me. We r in a private school, she refuses to go. We fought through public school up till this new school year with a 504 and a very great group of faculty at that school. We are running out of options here. We could also send her to a middle jr high school, but she would run away from there for sure, like really run away, she does this all the time in times of confussion and fear, threat. She has not learned anything in the last 3 years, my other thought is special ed classes, this really upsets my husband when i bring it up, but with the "high enlopement" threat, I think it might be a safer way, and I can see her "helping" the kids in that class, which would boost confidence. I think if i try to homeschool her, i will lose money in that just like we are in the private school. she is impossible !
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