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Strep that is resistent to Zithromax & Azith

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If you know of an area or pocket that has a strain of strep that is resistant to Zithromax or Azith, can you please list it? I live in Cincinnati which is in the Ohio River Valley. I think someone said this is an area w/ strep that is resisant to it?


This may be benficial to others since many often suggest that antibiotic.

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Curious as to where this info would be found?


just to note, our trial of azith seemed to make my son's vocal increase. I have him off abx for now. (we are East Coast if that matters.) Altho a bit back, I seemed to get the impression that azith helped more for those on the West, don't know where I got that impression tho. If that means the resistant strain on the West Coast would "respond" to the azith? ... and what about East Coast? does this indicate that azith doesn't help here? I'm kind of confused as to how this would go. In other words, East Coast DOES NOT respond to azith? and the West Coast DOES? .....


is this premise coinciding with your thoughts Vickie? If you could fine tune this, I'd be interested.




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Well, you kind confused me:)


I know some have said that there are regions where one should not take Zith/Azith since some strep strains there cannot be killed by it...because of the area.


Then there's some who say that there is a resisant strain of strep in their area (I think in CA) and they ideally should take Zith/Azith.


So, I guess the regions and what abs should/shouldn't be used need to be listed.

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Supposedly there is a strain(s) in the northeast that are resistant to azith. In our own experience (we are in MA) we started on azith and did not see the improvement we hoped for and have switched to Augmentin (regular aug for the last three weeks and as of yesterday Augmentin XR). We *think* we are seeing much more progress on the Augmentin. It could be, however, that we just didn't do a high enough dose of the azith. We did 250mg/day and that simply might not have been enough. There are some who have said that they didn't see real improvement until taking 500mg/day of azith. For now, though, I think we are happy with the Augmentin just in case we are dealing with an azith-resistant strain.


North East part of the U.S is or isn't resistance to Azith? We are in the NE and just switched to it.
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Monarchcat--Our d just switched from regular Augmentin to the Augmentin XR 2000 a day. May I ask did you see a difference from the Augmentin to the Augmentin XR? We have been on the regular for a couple of months and hoping the switch and increase in dose will have a good effect. (Azithro. had a little effect, but not dramatic.)

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