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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd add some info specific to Australian readers. Hope you don't mind.

Two books one is available in an American version:



FED UP by Sue Dengate

Can be found on www.ozemail.com.au/~sdengate


This lady had help from the Royal Alfred Hopital Allergy Unit (Sydney, I think)


I haven't looked up the site yet but I've read one out of three books, very exciting. I'm not sure about the feingold diet because it has a lot of food specific to America which I don't know how to substitute over here. Sue has modified the detox diet for both of us.


The other one is specific for Aussies.


This guy has a practice in Sydney Australia.

Phillip Alexander ND, Dip AOMN

Naturopath, Orthomolecular Nutritionalist.[/b]


The book is called


By Phillip Alexander./B]

Contact on 02 9981 2225 or 02 99827135


Highly recommended


I'm planning on ringing him asap to find out which brands of TS specific vitamins would be best without the additives.


Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

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