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I just found out that suprisingly, my insurance is going to cover my sons neurofeedback treatment. It is expensive and a little bit outside of mainstream medicine, I have high hopes. The initial brain mapping is not covered. It's $750.00 The neurofeedback treatments, which it was reccomended that he do twenty, are $140 each at twice a week. So this is GREAT news that at least the treatments are covered. They will be able to do a brain map of my son and acutally see with real evidence weather or not he has ADD. MY friends neighbor had her son who is eight diagnosed with ADD by her pedi and given a prescription. She was not really open to that idea and took her son to a neurofeedback clinic. They told her that her son did not have any form of ADD. I just found out there are six different kinds. I am willing to do this, if it does work, my son will get relief from anxiety and ocd and add if he has it. Has anyone used Neurofeedback here?

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Got the results back from the QEEG testing which is done before the neurofeedback therapy. It said that my eight year old son has some learning difficulties, along with low level ADD. He's had two treatments so far, and will continue with two a week until we get in at least 25 sesssions. Every five sessions they check the data. It's very interesting stuff, and I am very hopeful this will work. His anxiety is a result of his struggle to constantly assess and figure out his confused view of the world. I was told he sees through a foggy window and part of his explosive behavior is due to expressive language deficiencies(learning disablility) and his impulsive oppositional behavior/attitude are from the ADD. We got a detailed folder full of the data which they explained to us over a two hour period.


This past year my son matthew has been struggling with anxiety, explosive outbursts, ocd, and what I see as some depression. I have tried eliminating things from his diet (colors, dyes etc) adding extra certain types of vitamins ( inositol was really helpful for the ocd) but over all I didn't see any major improvment. This neurofeedback is a perminant solution - if it works and for most of what I've read it does, he will never have to go back. For people out there who have kids with these issues, that are all neurologically based, you should look into this. I will keep everyone posted as time goes on. I have read that a lot of people who use neurofeedback therapy can greatly reduce or stop their medication all together. I see this as a solution instead of a bandaid. We also have a developmental pediatric appoinment tomorrow, and I am looking forward to what the consensious is there. So we will have a second opinion, being from the more main stream way of doing things. I am hopeful.

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update on neurofeedback. My son has done about ten visits so far. I haven't seen evidence of his explosive behavior going away. Two good things i've noticed, are that his obession with the computer dropped way down after about two weeks of neurofeedback. It was a big issue for a while, getting him to transistion from computer to anything. Also he used to say he was nervous and didn't want to go to school EVERY day, that has stopped as well. I feel he does have an anxiety issue more than anything else. So all i care about his chilling him out and hoping that we can teach him skills to deal with frustration and disappointment as well as minding us in general, but im taking it one step at a time. I am continuing with it, if it helps even a little it's worth it to me. It's covered by our insurance of course or else i couldn't afford to do it.


He also has a tic that has started back up as well as some ocd symptoms- but it came after a recent strep infections. I started back on his vitamins etc.... (i had let up on them except for mulit vitamin b/c his symptoms improved a lot) the anxiety never goes away though.

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