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Inositol use for various anxiety and emetophobia


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My daughter vomited for the first time in her adolescent life and caused mental anxiety about eating, fear of vomiting, social anxiety, anxiety going far from home and the anxiety also bring on daily headache, lightheadedness and chest tightness. She didn't have any anxiety prior to the vomiting. After she vomited, it was like a domino affect. Tried medications but she was sensitive to the side effects. We also did the Anti-Dnase B Titer and ASO with negative result. Did bloodwork and noted some vitamin deficiency. Started 4 weeks ago with supplements,  Vit D3, fish oil, probiotic, a multi with magnesium and other minerals. Been reading about Inositol for anxiety and OCD. Wondering if Inositol would help with anxiety that was caused by the vomit trauma. She doesn't have any compulsions, just can't seemed to get over the vomit trauma. 

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