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Does this look like a tic?


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I'm so confused (and stressed) as to whether or not this is a tic?  My son is 7 and has recently started moving his head from side to side and holding it down.  It is a slower movement than what I see described as a tic.  He often just lays his head down to the side.  It's almost as if his head is heavy.  We have an appointment with a pediatric neurologist in a little less than 2 weeks.  Thank you.



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I think it looks like a tic .

My son has that sort of movement sometimes .

Ive counted 10 different movements that my boy does all of which are slightly different .

I hope I'm wrong xxx

just watched your video again and notice your little boy raising his leg too. My son also raises one leg and almost slides forward at same time

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Hi lbass, I apologize that I just noticed your post. Welcome to the Forums.

I think it is very good that you planned to see a pediatric neurologist. Can you please tell us how that appointment turned out?  What was the advice? 

The motions in the video are not typical tics but we are not qualified to judge what type of issue it may be caused by. Sometimes kids do an exaggerated motion to cover up a tic. Again, it is hard to know what is going on from the video. We are interested in learning more and knowing how your son is doing.

Please do let us know.



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Hi Sheila,

Sorry that I'm just getting back to you.  Here's where we are:

-We went to pediatric neurologist and he said that it was not a tic.  He was pretty adamant and seemed confident.  He dx it as a stereotype and said that anxiety was the culprit.  He suggested play therapy as the solution.

-This sounded really good at the appointment, but when I started researching stereotypical movements, I am not so confident in his diagnosis.  My son does not like to talk about the movement, but what I have got from him is that his neck makes him do it.  He will often hold his head to the side or lay his head down.  When he looks down, he buries his chin in his chest.  It looks painful to me, but he has not complained of any pain.

-I have not noticed any other tics prior to the neck/head movement.  He's 7.

-The movement has not changed to date.  He has been doing it for a little over 2 months.  

-My son is now doing play therapy.  He has always had a "thinker" type personality.  He does have worries, but nothing that has caused any life disruptions.  He does great at school, has friends, enjoys sports.

-I have a second opinion with a pediatric neurologist scheduled in March.  I was hoping to do this sooner, but that is the wait time for this specific doctor.

Thanks for your concern.

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It is good to read that your son is so well rounded and socially is doing fine. Glad you can get a second opinion, even though you have to wait a few months. 

I have passed the video to a neurologist to see if I can get any feedback. Will let you know if I hear anything.

In the meantime, it would be good to have your boy on as healthy a diet as possible (no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives--and low sugar--for starters) and in a "green" (natural--no scented products or standard chemicals in cleaning products, etc) setting at home if you have not yet done so. That's just some unsolicited advice. :)

Can you think of anything that changed starting a couple of months ago? Either with his health or with his environment?  

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Thank you so much!  This whole thing has been quite an emotional rollercoaster.

The head/neck movement started when we returned home from a trip to Disney.  He rode one roller coaster.  After that, he decided those types of rides were not for him and stuck to the other rides.  We had a great time, but he did mention that his stomach hurt a few times and that he felt like he may be vomit.  He never vomited.  Two days before we left for Disney, he came home early from school due to stomach pain.  We just thought maybe he was fighting some sort of virus.  2 days after we got home from Disney he stayed home due to a low grade fever.  Tested negative for strep.  The next day he was fine and off to school he went.  Somewhere between summer and September, it appears he developed a fear of throwing up.  It hasn't been debilitating and we honestly didn't piece it all together until the neck/head movement started.  I have been working with him and I think his fear of throwing up has lessened by a great deal.  He has also complained here and there about leg pains.  The pediatrician has chalked it up to "growing pains".  He did have some blood work done and everything came back within normal ranges.  I'm not certain exactly what sort of blood screen it was.


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Hi -- sorry for the delay. I heard back from the neurologist who also thought there could be an emotional component but could not say based on the short video. He thought seeing a pediatric neurologist as you plan for a second opinion, was a good idea.

Where do you live? Am wondering if it makes sense to be tested for Lyme based on where in the country you are?

Also, a suggestion -- I would remove the link in the opening to your first post, so that in the future it will not be readily available for sharing. (You know you can always remove the link on YouTube when you are finished with it,and I assume it is being shared privately only with those you give the link to.) I mention it because when he is older he will not want this to be seen by others. This is a common issue that comes up with forums, especially when parents use their full name and it shows up in a search.

You might want to keep a log about diet -- symptoms along with  list of foods/drinks to see if anything seems connected.  And also avoid any scented products and standard toxins/cheimcals in the home. Are you familiar with that approach,  as a support to other therapies? 








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