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How can i help my 8 year old son? Help please.

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Hi there, I noticed a few months my son kept squinting his eyes and doing facial expressions while watching tv on his tablet. We limit time on devices and this seems to have passed now.


The last 3weeks we noticed now and again he would shake his head as if saying no, now and again, I thought it would pass like the last but it's not, it's got worse and it's pretty constant. I try not to make a point of it or as if to make it an issue, or embarres him.


I took him to the Dr yesterday as he's even doing it during his sleep.


The Dr asked him to do a few simple excerises such as standing in the middle of the room with his eyes closed and asked him to keep his balance, also asked him to look at his finger and follow with his eyes. During these two things the head shaking stopped, the Dr said he thinks as it stopped that's it's a behavioural problem. Is this right? This is all new to me, he said if it was a something to do with his brain it wouldn't just stop.

I asked my son to do his times tables in the car on the way home and it stopped again.

I'm not sure what to now. I'm waiting for a hospital appointment to see what they say.


Can anyone help please.

It makes me so sad

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I'm sorry to hear about your son. My 5 yo son also has tics--both motor and vocal. It started last September and it seems to be getting worse.


I took him to the pediatrician and she told me that she didn't think it was neurological. She told me to ignore it and that it will likely pass.


I have a friend who's son also had tics. She was able to help him through the GAPS diet. I just ordered the book myself but I just thought I'd share with you so you can check it out. I've read that MSG is a big trigger so please try to eliminate that from your son's diet.


Best of luck!

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Hi JMartin27, sorry for the delay in getting to this -- it slipped by me.


Try not to be distressed because there are many things you can do that can make a difference for your son.


The good thing is that there doesn't seem to be an actual "brain" problem per the neurologist. That doesn't mean there are not things that are affecting his nervous system.


I don't understand what he could have meant by saying it is a behavioral problem. It is not unusual for symptoms to lessen when the person is concentrating, like during the car ride.


The key areas to look at are allergy, diet, and chemicals--and exposure to sensory things like light, TV/tablets (a frequent trigger for tics) as you mentioned.


Can you tell us more about yourself and your son--and where you live?

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