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  1. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your son. My 5 yo son also has tics--both motor and vocal. It started last September and it seems to be getting worse. I took him to the pediatrician and she told me that she didn't think it was neurological. She told me to ignore it and that it will likely pass. I have a friend who's son also had tics. She was able to help him through the GAPS diet. I just ordered the book myself but I just thought I'd share with you so you can check it out. I've read that MSG is a big trigger so please try to eliminate that from your son's diet. Best of luck!
  2. Hello-- I'm new to this forum. My son started eye rolling shortly after his 5th birthday (9/2016). I thought it was just something he was doing so I did the worst possible thing and i asked him to stop. That made things exponentially worse--he started doing it a hundred times an hour and even added a head and neck jerk up, down and sideways. I took him to the pediatrician and she informed me that this is quite commonplace for boys his age and that the best thing to do is ignore it and that it will likely pass. I ignored it and it did calm down quite a bit for a few weeks. I did notice some more subtle tics like scrunching his nose or throat clearing but only when he's doing something idle like playing on his ipad or watching TV. Last December, everytime he got sick he would stretch his neck and roll his eyes back. I figured it was due to a sensation from his sore throat. The newest tic is a vocal tic--he keeps making a "Hmm" sound. It started with one "Hmm" and now he's doing a sequence of 4-5. He's also blinking his eyes really hard. Last week when he was particularly tired, I saw him do a sequence of head jerks and face grimacing. I am wondering if anyone on this forum has had any success with the GAPS diet? My son did have food allergies when he was a baby. He was solely breastfed--when he was around 3-4 months old, he had bloody stools. After a process of elimination, we figured out that he was allergic to mild and soy. After his 1st birthday, we slowly introduced milk and soy and he was fine so we thought we were in the clear. I'm wondering if the tics are connected to this? I am terrified of this getting worse. I know how cruel kids can be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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