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TV trigger LED or plasma screens?


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one of my sons main triggers is TV/screens. After 2 years without TV (well ok maybe 3 films and the odd 20 min show in that time) my husband cant seem to live with the idea that our son wont be able to view a TV again with out setting off tics - so he has bought a LED screen TV. We used plasma before. I'm not convinced this will help. It's probably more complex than just a screen problem it could be due to photosensitivity, visual stress, htz , resolution i really dont know. and I eally dont know overall which type og screen is best when reducing tics....just wondered if there was any experiences documented about difference in tic frequency and type of screen.

I've asked about TV before and I'm sure someone pointed to some TV threads but i cant seem to find them.........they might out date as there's newer technology out now but anything experience /suggestions welcome.


I'm holding on to the old TV for a while incase the LED is worse. Tried it tonight (probably not the best time to try as his tics reappeared over the weekend) but the frequency really increased when in front of the LED screen probably not a a fair test as they might have in front of the plasma.



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