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Trigeminal nerve and facial motor tics- where do I go from here?


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Ok so I am busy treating my daughters allergies and shrinking her turbinates. Her wiggly nose and sniff tics have subsided dramatically with her nasal spray.


Since she lost her first tooth 10 days ago her hard blinking eye tics have subsided. She had a loose tooth for about 2-3 weeks prior- it coincided with the blinking tic. The worst day was the day it fell out and it got better after that.


Since reading about these two things, I noted that the trigeminal nerve controls chewing and also eye movements.


When she eats or brushes her teeth, her hard blinking tic comes back. Not really when drinking. I don't think it could be allergies because she starts hard blinking with the first bite. No matter what she is eating, even just lettuce. When I brush her teeth it seems particularly bad. Not on one side or area - just the touch of the toothbrush on her teeth stimulates a blinking tic "reflex" ?


Thoughts?? Anyone else noticed this? I am starting to think her sniffing tic and wiggly nose tics were caused by swollen turbinates. Her eye blinking was caused by the loose tooth and sensations in her mouth. (trigeminal nerve stimulation)


This still points back to whenever something in her face is bothering her- she turns it into a tic. Are these even tics? Or oversensitivity issues? Pandas? I am not a medical professional and I have no idea what is going on. I will know better once her next tooth is loose.


Where do I go from here? ENT? Dentist? Ophthalmologist? Neurologist? pediatrician? Ignore it because it will go away when she's done losing teeth?

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Lots of info here in past threads on how dental issues (as well as allergies) can be primary tic triggers!


I am at work so can't post much now, but a search will bring up threads, including some on transmandibular joint (TMJ) and tics etc etc

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So we had a few great days and now the hard blinking is back since yesterday. one of her bottom molars are breaking through. I read the threads here and also everywhere I could find. I read somewhere that impacted teeth cause blinking. I don't think they are impacted, but I think this is interesting. Perhaps she is just overly sensitive to all of these changes happening. Is there anything to do, or should I just ignore, as, this, too shall pass?

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I do want to clarify my response as I posted quickly while at work...I am not suggesting a "do nothing" approach per se


Only that sometimes tics are mild and the triggers are obvious.....

why stress yourself and especially your child when that is the case?

The tics will usually wane.

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A little unrelated to your post, but related to tics:


My 7 year old son started to have tics (eye and head jerks, nose twitch) and after much research, I happened upon giving magnesium to help reduce tics.


Anyway, other things I did along with a magnesium glycinate supplement and massaging magnesium (plus Epsom salt baths) is to up his intake of magnesium rich food and decreased amount of things that hinders the absorption of magnesium) ,


I felt so lost and stressed about my son's tics, Feel free to contact me if you want more information about what I did and my situation in general.


I've shared my story here on Latitudes.org

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