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Organic. GF/CF/SF




Organic is a must. Pesticides, especially glyphosate are used copiously on GM and conventional grains and legumes. On GM because they can withstand the herbicide and grow through repeated applications, on conventional it is used as a preharvest desiccant, drying down the crops to make combining easier.


Glyphosate disrupts the shikimate pathway not only in weeds but in bacteria as well. It doesn't harm our cells, but it selectively kills beneficial bacteria in our guts (and in the soil), disrupting immune response.


Glyphosate is also a mineral chelator (especially of magnesium). Food treated with RoundUp may appear nutritious upon dry ash testing, but the minerals will be bound and not available for absorption across the gut lining.

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just to define what the previous posters said in different terms, inflammation lowering diet is what you want.

I am not sure how one can choose btw SCD and Gluten/Casine/Sugar Free diets. there are important differences btw them.

for us, the second one work BUT that was because me and ds have celiac.

what I want to say is that the two diets will show you a good direction and you need to experiment and see what works.

Time frame is important, diet should be regular for a year or two or more.

if you have specific questions, I think there are many of us here who will try to answer them.

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