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Increased aggression on Naproxen? Is it an activator?

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Our 10yo PANDAS daughter just took her first dose of Naproxen, as prescribed by the PANS clinic. She is otherwise doing pretty well. She woke up in a great mood, normal behaviors, etc. Within a few hours, she became aggressive/quick to anger. She just seems "activated". She can tell the difference, and she is sure it's the "new medicine."


Could Naproxen be an "activator"? She is normally super sensitive to any/all medications but tolerates Children's Motrin just fine. We thought we'd add Naproxen to her daily dose of Amoxicillin to help decrease her immune system. This reaction was totally unexpected...



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I would suggest taking her off of Naproxen to see what happens and then add it in again to see what happens.


This is the only way to find if Naproxen is actually a trigger for her.


For encephalitis/brain inflammation I found Japanese knotweed to be very good. If you are interested you can purchase the tincture here:




I used 1/4 tsp of this tincture 3x daily along with the powdered form (from 1stChineseHerbs) in infusion (tea) at 1/4 tsp 3x daily. You can use more during acute flares. DD was 90 lbs at the time


Stephen Buhner also recommends kudzu for brain inflammation, although we have never tried that one.


I would take her opinion on symptom activation seriously. She might be young, but she is the only one feeling the results of protocol change.

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