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Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status Among US Children With Older Siblings With and Without Autis

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No, that was my fault, I kind of poped it into the wrong thread. She just has so much really good info on that site and explains things in a way that you can grasp, complete with the sci literature.


Hey, we might have been cross posting. Did you see this response



Posted Today, 12:48 PM

eamom, that video is a " WOW." I watched it after I responded to you.


I just read where one of the outbreaks of measles was among somilians who had become fearful of the vaccine. We discussed the higher incidence of autism in the somalian children on this forum when all of that was happening. Another irony, that they can use an outbreak in that population to force vaccination for education. That video was dated ROCHESTER, Minn. — Feb. 27, 2014. It's amazing how much new info is coming to light as these bills are all going on.

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Yes, saw that! That's what makes me so afraid...politicians and the mainstream media have no idea of the real science and complexity of vaccination (esp cons). They've over simplified everything and then they are trying to pass scary legislation like SB277. Hillary is very typical of most of the politicians out there:

"The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let's protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest"

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Some of this may be redundant, but I'm posting in case there is new info (from another site):

There is a gene called the CYP450 pathway which is critical for effective detoxification. It is suppressed genetically in 43% of Africans. Unfortunately, CYP450 pathway affects the safety and efficacy of 90% of therapeutic drugs and other environmental chemicals.


The MMR vaccination: autism correlation was related to African American boys having a 3 fold increase in autism with MMR vaccination.


How do we empower the African American community to question and oppose mandatory mass vaccination of their children without parental consent, without physician discretion based upon the individual health of their child, and without consideration of the genetic risk and predisposition to adverse reactions from government forced vaccination?

Additionally, Latinos have a suppressed CYP3A4*10 enzyme and CYP3A4*16A enzyme.


Any suggestions?

There is too much bad history.

Tuskegee Experiments: http://www.cdc.gov/tuskegee/timeline.htm

"Besides the southern doctors’ training in race-based medicine, the prevalent racist sentiments of the 20th century added kindling to the fire of patient and subject mistreatment. For instance, many southern doctors of the 1900s asserted that all blacks were promiscuous, unintelligent, poor, and both morally and physically dirty, all of which contributed to their propensity to disease, crime, and degeneracy.[12]

This harsh stereotype gave rise to the belief that the black race would not survive in America’s Darwinian society and was doomed to extinction, unsalvageable by education or philanthropy.[13] These racist attitudes toward blacks shaped the Tuskegee doctors’ treatment of the patients “simply as subjects in a ‘study,’ not as human beings.”[14]

In other words, the physicians did not believe the black population deserved equal treatment, as that was reserved only for those they considered to be human to the fullest extent of the word. Hence, from the doctors’ perspectives, the social context of racism legitimized their controversial behavior at the time."


Eugenics in North Carolina until 1976:

"Blackmon is among the more than 7,000 people in North Carolina — many poor, many African-American, many disabled — who were sterilized between 1929 and 1976 in one of the country's most aggressive eugenics programs."

This CYP450 pathway is key to effective detoxification. Everyone is pharmaceutical research knows this.

There are some interesting variables regarding genetic testing and pharmaceutical medications. To simplify, 90% of pharmaceutical drugs in use, including adjuvant detoxification, require the CYP450 pathway.

33-43% of Americans have an impaired CYP450 pathway.


The risk of adverse drug reactions to vaccines is worse for people with asthma, on blood thinners and seizure medications.http://www.aafp.org/afp/2008/0601/p1553.html

CYP450 can either increase the rate of drug elimination (ultrametabolizers, leading to faster metabolic clearance potentially resulting in reduced effectiveness and need for higher doses) or decrease drug metabolism (poor metabolizers, which may increase the potential for drug interactions and adverse events). Toxicity and cancer are closely linked.

CYP450 varies by ethnicity. This leads to great diversity in individuals' susceptibility to environmental, chemical and drug toxicity.


Africans are especially susceptible to the drug interactions with the CYP450 enzyme: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2156/14/34

Since 1997, the FDA requires testing about the CYP450 with all new pharmaceuticals. Not old ones. Not vaccines.

Additionally, 40-60% of Americans have another genetic polymorphism, MTHFR, which further impairs detoxification. We do not test if people have these genetic issues before prescribing medications, or vaccinations. Although, the drugs are only tested on people without these genes.


Preventable Adverse Drug Reactions: A Focus on Drug Interaction:http://www.fda.gov/.../DrugInteractionsLabe.../ucm110632.htm

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Stephanie Seneff knows more about this too

She written about multiple toxicants in the environment affecting the CYP enzyme activity. Most notable is glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, w
hich is working synergisticially with vaccines to cause harm, in her opinion. It has been shown to reduce CYP enzyme activity in plants, microbes and the liver of rats.

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Getting back to the JAMA paper, here are more criticisms (from another forum):

"If you only follow children continuously enrolled in the database from birth to 5 years, you will miss almost half of the children with an ASD since the mean age of diagnosis is 4-5 years, especially when you include Asperger’s. This is a major failure in case ascertainment. These ‘missed’ ASD children will not only not count towards ASD group, they will be included erroneously in the non-ASD group."

"Could [the requirement of two diagnoses] be a similar maneuver of removing an association as the one when they removed children without GA birth certificates from the other MMR study?"

"Children and older siblings with only 1 ASD diagnosis were excluded from the study. I wonder what the stats would have shown if they were included.

More importantly, children that didn’t actually receive MMR, but instead received the individual components of the monovalent vaccines were included! (See paragraph #4 under Methods; this is also confirmed in Table 1 in the Supplement.) This is NOT a true MMR/autism study."

"It looks to me as if they did not bother to eliminate anyone who already had autism or obvious developmental delay prior to the date when the vaccine should have been administered. Clearly, a mother with a child who is suffering from obvious developmental issues is going to be a lot more wary about vaccinating the child (regardless of whether there was an older sibling with autism). In both groups, those kids who ALREADY HAD EVIDENCE OF AUTISM are going to be FAR LESS LIKELY TO RECEIVE THE VACCINE - and they are going to be counted in the camp of "autism/no vaccine."

This is similar to the flaw that I saw in the paper that was written by a kazillion authors that purported to show that MMR did not cause autism (in answer to Wakefield's claim that it did). I think that paper was published around 2004. They put any kid who already had an autism diagnosis before the date of the first vaccination (1 1/2 years) in the "not-vaccinated" camp. I thought this was foul play."

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