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mosquito repellant


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Hi Deanna :)


NEEM is frequently recommended as a repellent and taking vitamin B1 is supposed to make one's blood distasteful to mosquitoes


I make up a spray by using water and a number of pure essential oils. It seems to keep the mosquitoes from biting us and sure smells good too :)

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I use an infusion/extract made from lemon grass stalks (finely chopped) and I add oils of lavender, rosemary, thyme, and oregano (just a drop or two of each)

I keep it in a small sprayer bottle and refrgerate otherwise it goes off. Needs to be made fresh weekly


The fleas dont like it either so I use it on the cats


I have also heard that just cutting lemongrass stalks lengthwise and then rubbing on the skin is effective against mosquitoes


I also keep a bottle of natural Quantum anti bug spray (also a herbal infusion) and I spray around the front door and pets bedding etc with that. Smells a bit stronger tho still nice

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