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Update: I Need to Brag

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So happy for you and your son. My son (despite his special needs status) is always well liked, praised and appreciated by his teachers. Due to his own social issues- he does not have any peer friend group but does well with adults and teachers whom seem to enjoy his quirky, dry sense of humor and mannerisms. He does not have behavioral issues which tends to be common for many special needs kids. Thus, he is a breath of fresh air for them. Truly special needs for accomofations to best suit his learning needs/style. It is always a thrill when teachers send me emails (unsolicited) about how much they enjoy him and that he puts a smile on their faces daily.


Brag away, you and he deserve it!! Has been a long road for you and him! You'll find something else besides PANS to fill your days once he is in college:)



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I can not say how happy I am for you. This is so awesome! I have no doubt that he is going to do wonderful in college next year. I can tell you that you will cry like a baby when he goes and your heart will burst with joy and pride and worry all at the same time. You have done a fabulous job with him. I know it has not been an easy road but you have worked hard and now you are seeing the fruits of your labor. This is the pay off for all the tears and frustration. Enjoy your accomplishment. You deserve it.


My oldest son went off to college this year. It was the hardest thing to leave him on those dorm steps and drive away. I cried the entire 3 hour drive home. This was my first PANDAS child back when no one even knew what PANDAS was. What a struggle that was. Now he is in the honors program and living on campus doing all the things that normal 18 year old boys do (thats a scary thing). I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. It gives me hope that some day my 11 year old will do the same.


So enjoy your son's last year of high school. It's a special time and you are a special Mom. Keep us updated on his future plans. So happy for you all.



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