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Update: I Need to Brag

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I need to brag, and so few people in the "real," non-PANDAS/PANs world will understand . . . so I come to you guys! :P


DS has had quite a road, and he keeps coming into his own, little by little, every year. He's now in his senior year of high school and our big accomplishment this past summer was the three weeks he spent on a college campus, living in a dorm with a roommate, eating at the cafeteria and attending an engineering "camp" designed for rising seniors, with college instructors presiding. That experience wasn't without challenges, but we threw him in the deep end, and he swam! Actually came away from it convinced that, in another year, he will indeed be ready to leave home for the "full-bore" college experience.


Still, he started his senior year with some anxiety and return of his nemesis of all OCD behaviors: contamination. No dramatic "flares," really, but just the creep and crawl of that insidious beast.


So when his AP Calc teacher called us last night, merely for the purpose of telling us what a joy DS is as a student, how bright he is, how he asks deep, thoughtful, creative questions rare of a math student of his age, how respectful and polite he is in class, how grateful this teacher is to have him to teach . . . I almost cried. DS has enjoyed academic success, yes, particularly once we got him effective PANDAS treatment. But as a 2E kid to begin with, who also has a tendency toward high anxiety, he's rarely appreciated to this extent by his instructors. More often than not, they cut him slack on the one side (keeping up with production requirements, occasionally behavior) because he performs so well on the academic side (particularly testing which, interestingly enough, the anxiety doesn't seem to grab a foothold in). But genuinely appreciate him? Even seem to flat-out like him? That's rare!


I guess I'm bragging almost as much on this teacher as I am on DS . . . in my book, they're BOTH keepers! :D


Thanks for listening!

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Only us parents can understand your pride and bragging!!!!! Glad to hear it!!!!!


My kiddo 11yo dd.... hopefully follows the same path of success!!!! Sometimes I would trade top 1% nationally for math for her grade.......versus....for some sanity and an "average" or "normal" kiddo with our worst pandas kiddo. Still making headway.....but still scared to death of a major exacerbation.


Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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I predict he will continue to make you so very proud! Sounds like he's turning out to be just like his mom - a true privilage and joy to know! :wub:


My brag - DD is on day 6 of falling asleep alone - not without drama - but getting it done. Your parents inspired me to re-try the Ferber method :)

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Got a little teary!


Do you think he'll go to college far away?

And what are you going to do when you're free? (lol)

That seems very far away over here ;-). And I'll be about 80 yrs. old.


I am so happy for you. You have given so much here and helped many--


We're aiming for a college that's within a 4 to 5-hour drive at most . . . far enough away that he can live his own life, but close enough that, if we need to get to him or he to us, it's not a matter of an extraordinarily expensive, last-minute plane ticket or a 12-hour road trip! Luckily, there are a couple of good picks for his area of interest (computer engineering) within those parameters, so things generally look positive in that regard. Plus, we have a couple of more local ones (within an hour or so) in our back pocket for a fall-back position.


What'll I do while he's away?!?! I have NO idea! The three weeks this summer were downright weird, I'll tell you! Of course, I spent the first one stressing about every little bump he encountered, I spent the second one holding my breath that he was settling in and enjoying himself more and more every day, and then I spent the third one planning his return home. :wacko: So three months or so at a stint . . . that's going to be life-changing, for sure!


And by the way . . . I'm creeping up on 80 myself! :P I think PANDAS years are relatively equivalent to dog years, and we went through a few of those.

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Wonderful. Gives me hope for my son. He's quirky and smart and beyond his years in many ways. He endured a hellish fourth grade last year due to bullying. I just had a meeting with his teacher this year and I think we are on to an easier year. I can at least hope. Its nice to know that it can turn out well for our kids.

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