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My homeopath won't tell me anything, is this normal?

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I've been seeing a homoeopath for a year now. (See signature for nature of problem.) The symptoms now seem to me to be about the same as they were when I started.

What gets me is that he won't TELL me anything. We do appointments by Skype because he lives 50 miles away and I'm a little difficult to transport, and he literally just sits there while I talk, and says "Mm" every now and then, until I come to a halt from embarrassment, at which point he says "So is there anything else you'd like to tell me?" After this has happened a few times, I drop it, usually abandoning a few of the things I was going to say as not important enough to bother, and he posts me a remedy and an invoice with the date of the next appointment written on the back.

Is this normal practice? Something he did once say makes me think that he has some idea that I shouldn't be told too much about why he's prescribing a particular remedy, because of the placebo effect or something. But what worries me is that he may have got hold of quite the wrong idea about exactly what the problem is - it's not simple to explain, and I'm not always the world's clearest explainer - and be prescribing all wrong in consequence.

There was another homoeopath I saw a few years ago who talked nineteen to the dozen, commenting on what she thought I was saying and asking whether she had it right. Didn't seem to do any harm; her prescriptions worked impressively well for the first few months, but then fizzled out (she admitted she'd about come to the end of what she knew about mental conditions). Hence this fellow, who is supposed to be a specialist. I don't know what in. He says "Mm" to questions like that. I only know that I wrote to the UK Society of Homeopaths' enquiry desk describing my condition and they gave me his name. My family are all convinced that he's an Aspie.

I get the impression that he has some kind of theory about the nature of the problem, and is prescribing on the strength of it. But since I don't know what it is, I can't tell him whether it actually matches my symptoms or not. The fact that I'm not getting any better suggests not.

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