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Rifampin & Cipro

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Hi- you may want to PM Hopeny, she shared here (I believe) her dd was doing Cipro this summer for a particular strain of Myco P.


You probably know: load magnesium to offset any possible tendon issue away from meds. I found daily Epsom salt baths w/ body brush before every night helped me too when on a fluoroquinolone antibx.

Maybe start them separately, build slowly on rifampin...

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Well, mag citrate and especially mag oxide tend to move the bowels more.

Any magnesium. Vitamin C, too. As you know, the fear with the fluoroquinolone is the possible tendon issue-

don't know if you can keep her less active/ not sports type thing.

I hated that Epsom salt bath every single night, but was paranoid enough to make myself do it (with 4 cups of salt, at least 20 minutes, the dry brush beforehand opened up the pores.)

Maybe you can bribe her to take more--

Sorry, it's hard, I know.

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Topical magnesium is ionic magnesium mixed with distilled water and yes it is great for detox, and topically does not interfere with abx absorption . Ionic magnesium is supposedly one of the best absorbed magnesiums out there. My kiddo is taking ionic magnesium put into a "000" capsule orally (sensory issues make topical difficult) and it is working very well for her for many issues. I am taking it for muscle tension and headaches with good results.

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Thanks. I make my own topical mag with the Ancient Minerals bulk flakes. I don't think it's as strong as the professionally produced product, but I guess it still shouldn't hurt. We don't have a bathtub where we live right now, so salt baths are not an option. That's why I was hoping we could do it topically, in addition to the Natural Tranquility mag supplement (1 tsp in water) that we give her.


We have sensory issues here too, but she likes the mag spray. Funny how they are all so different in their preferences. When she first started all this, all the other sensory moms said their little girls loved leggings. My daughter would throw herself off a bridge if she had to wear those snug leggings!

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