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For those who fear developing abx resistance . . .

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For those who are newer and don't know my DS's history, he was on Augmentin XR (amoxicillin + clavulanic acid) for nearly 2 years, fighting his way back to his "normal" from his worst ever exacerbation. We weaned off those abx almost two years ago now, and he's done well . . . no further exacerbations and no significant illnesses in the meantime, either.


This fall, he's fought off two colds, the latest one of which was big, bad and long. Head congestion, chest congestion, laryngitis and cough. No fever, though, and no sore throat.


Friday evening, he complained that his ear hurt. Complained again intermittently on Saturday, though a decongestant and ibuprofen seemed to handle it for him. Woke up Sunday and said that his ear hurt now more than ever, and we could see red around his ear, behind his ear, and stretching down his jaw line. Still no fever though.


Hello MinuteClinic! Diagnosed with an ear infection and given amoxicillin 875 mg. oral, 2x daily, as well as steroid ear drops.


After one day of abx and ear drops, he said he felt significantly better. Was able to go to school for the full day both Monday and today, and when he got home today, he was back to his old self . . . perky, happy, and thrilled to be facing a long holiday weekend.


So . . . clearly no issue with antibiotic resistance here. Kid is responding exceedingly well to regular old amoxicillin after two years of taking its bigger, badder cousin!


I think I might just have a "regular" kid with a "regular" immune system on my hands . . . finally! Crossed fingers, anyway! :P

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Nancy, that is soooo awesome!


My DS had that same illness last week. He was so sick, he couldn't stand up without laying back down complaining of an excruciating headache. I actually worried about meningitis (yes, my over-googled brain). But no fever, so I calmed myself down. He went thru the whole thing with no Pans symptoms (has been off abx for 10 mos). Now, he's always handles viral illness w/o issue, only bacterial infections trigger him. So I'm assuming what we had go thru the house (DD, DH also had it and I'm trying to keep it at bay as i type), was/is viral. But my DS escaped that secondary infection that got your DS.


So very, very happy for you that it seems to be a thing of the past! It must feel so good to finally breathe again! What an awesome Thanksgiving memory!!!

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