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Looking for NC doc for antibiotics

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Our doctor we use for proph antibiotics (Pen VK) is leaving his practice, not sure where he is going. The official letter from the large hospital group did not state if he was going into private practice, just that he was leaving the practice. Is anyone using a doctor in NC who prescribes proph antibiotics? I could go to Latimer, and may have to, but would prefer someone local that takes insurance. The previous doctor or his PA would give a yearly Pen VK script. It is hard to find a doctor who will do this. It has worked well for us in preventing strep, and our plan is to prescribe until age 20 or so for both DD and DS.

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Here are some docs in your state. Psychologists cannot write meds to my knowledge, but I will leave them on the list just in case you need their information later.


  • Christopher Jenny, PA C
    Physicians Assistant
    Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Aureen Pinto-Wagner, Ph.D.
    Cart, NC
  • Dee Dee Russell
    Cornelius, NC
  • Dr. Marla Deibler, PsyD
    Clinical Psychologist
    856- 220-9672
    Princeton, NC
  • Dr. Sherif Taha
    Allergist and Pediatrician
    Greenville, NC
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Hi! I just made an appt with Dr. Mauve O'Conner in Charlotte. I do not see her on the list above but found her on the Saving Sammy website. She has started her own practice and is no longer with Asthma and Allergy Specialists of Charlotte as I believe the website may still say .(?)

I had been trying to get through to her for about 3 weeks and called again today and she personally took my call. From what I just learned from the consultant that called me back, is that they do not bill insurance for the office visit (yuck), but will bill for lab work and such. Her facebook page says that she treats PANDAS patients 2-3 days a week. I am thrilled just to have an appt with someone that acknowledges PANDAS!!!! Hopefully this helps a little. Best of Luck!

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Oh my sweet sis, I am sooo excited for you!! My precious neice is on the road to recovery! :D Now to find a doctor here in Alabama. I have called and researched till I am going nuts! Can't wait till we have our babies well! Iove you, Alandra

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