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  1. Karenna16, I am sorry you and your sis are having to go through all of this with your nephew! Not having family around to help makes it even harder! Your sister is lucky to have you for support. Keep being the sweet aunt that you are. This support group has really given me some wonderful advise and information. I have hope now!
  2. TAnna, I am so glad you got an appointment for today! Good luck and I am praying for you and your son! You are a wonderful mama! Let me know how it goes and what dr. says.
  3. TAnna, I am so sorry!! I am new to all of this so I have no idea what to tell you to help but that I will be praying for you. My DS is 23 now and we are going through the same thing. Yesterday I found a dr here in Birmingham,Al that was willing to see us and said to have in in at 1pm. Went upstairs to his room where he "lives" and told him I finally had him an appt with a dr. but it was at 1:00 so he needed to start getting ready to go. He blew up!!! Yelling, he said that I knew he had to have more time than that to prepare himself! I asked how long and he said a week. I told him goo
  4. Tpotter, I am new on here but wanted to tell you your DS is in my prayes and has been since I read the post of his surgery! Of course you and your family also! I am so sorry you are going through all of this. Nothing is worse than watching our children suffer!
  5. Rowingmom, Thank you for your reply! I am so glad to see your daughter is doing better! I do believe other infections have contributed to all of this also. He did have a couple of bouts with mico p and sinus infections too. Also remember a place on his leg, we thought was a bite of some kind, that got swollen and red and hot to touch. Dr. said it was MRSA and treated with 2 rounds of bactrim. Also, the boys went with their dad a few times to his hunting camp so I do worry about tics/lyme being an issue. I would like to see a LLMD also. Do you have any of these health issues yours
  6. Hi everyone. What a wonderful job you all are doing! I am new and only have posted on the new intro page. Got the kindest response from MomwithOCDson. Have been following for a few weeks wanting to learn some things and it is all overwhelming to say the least! I have three sons and the oldest two have suffered since a young age also with sudden severe OCD with strep. Back then there was no name and drs. did not have a clue! They are now 23 and 21. Youngest will be 18 next month but has not had any of these Panda symptoms. Thank the Lord but always worry! Oldest DS is the one I am mo
  7. Oh my sweet sis, I am sooo excited for you!! My precious neice is on the road to recovery! Now to find a doctor here in Alabama. I have called and researched till I am going nuts! Can't wait till we have our babies well! Iove you, Alandra
  8. Hello My sweet sis. It was so good to see you all this weekend! We are gonna get our babies well!!! I am so thankful you found this site. All of these years of our kids going through these Horrific problems and we thought we were the only ones. It isn't just our family having "crazy" genes! Not that we are "normal" whatever that may be. There are amazing parents on here and I thank the Lord for leading us here to them. We finally have hope...all of us. Thanks to all and I love you Michelle! My DN and DS are gonna get well. Call me when you get home I got some great info from
  9. Thank you so much for the reply! If only I had connected the dots to all of this before now! I feel so horrible! I just can't stop crying now! Has it gone too far for him to come back? I thought something or stress of college triggered his depression and OCD. All of these drs. are so far away! Which is fine with me I would fly to the moon for him to feel better. But, I truely cannot imagine getting him out of our town much less the state! He only leaves his room once a day now to get the couple of things he can eat and is back in his room. I will Never give up and never back down!!!
  10. Hi everyone! I have been following this forum for many weeks and finally joined. What wonderful people on this site! I would never wish any of these problems on anyone but am also glad we are not alone. Just wish I had come across this years ago!!! Where to even begin without writing a book is why I haven't posted. My sister just started on here also her name is "pschelle". Our family story goes back so many years, way before any of this Pandas had really come out. Also, as far back as me being a little girl I had Strep throat all the time and many symptoms of Pandas also. Now have Fi
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