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  1. Hi annieg, I’m sorry to hear of your child’s issues. I know it is very difficult to witness your little girl’s discomfort and can certainly relate to your desperate feelings. I am not very active on this forum, although I do check it occasionally. It has been nine years since our son was diagnosed with PANDAS (also PANS). He will be 20 years old this June. He is much better, but is still being treated by docs at Duke. Duke does not recognize a PANDAS/PANS diagnosis…they call it AE (Autoimmune encephalitis). AE has different symptoms, severities and causes, but is basically inflamma
  2. Like powpow, steroids, (oral and IV) have relieved symptoms of our DS which are definitely autoimmune based. Steroids lower the inflammation, DS gets better. IV steroids are one of the main treatments (at least for our DS) at Duke.
  3. Wow, this is an old post, first one I posted on here in fact on 2009. Brought back some memories, mostly bad, but that's ok. Our son is now 16 and a half. We have seen several doctors over the years. He is currently being treated at Duke by Dr Van Mater (Pediatric-Rheumatology) and Dr Gallantine (Pediatric-Neurology). They combine efforts and expertise to treat kids with autoimmune encephalitis. PANDAS/PANS falls into this category. Duke does not really recognize a PANDAS/PANS diagnosis, but if they can find evidence of an autoimmunue condition that is causing Encephalopathy, they will t
  4. Our DS does this. We don't think it's a tic...and he has had about every tic imaginable. It is related to his dust / dust mite allergy.
  5. Sorry to hear this. I agree, it's a tic or OCD compulsion. Our DS had a similar problem a couple of years ago, right after he got braces. He could not stop biting the inside of his cheek. This caused a downward spiral in all sorts of symptoms for several weeks. We had to get his braces removed. It took forever for his cheek to heal. We think bacteria was getting in, and also thrush was on his tongue...caused major autoimmune reaction in general, more swelling in brain, I think. He has had previous issues with any type of dental work, especially teeth being pulled. We have held off on b
  6. Thanks for posting. I did not read it all, but it encompasses a lot, including PANDAS/PANS. We have seen two doctors at Duke since October 2013, and they have helped DS16 greatly with their treatment, which includes IV steroids and Cellcept. Here is a link to an AE website with a video... https://aealliance.org/ Also, Duke had an AE Symposium back in June. I live only 50 minutes from Duke, but was unable to attend. There are video clips on the above website from some of the speakers. Dr Latimer always said PANDAS/PANS falls in the AE category and she is the one who referred us t
  7. I just read the article. It's the first time I remember seeing documentation of an autoimmune blood disorder, "We discovered that he actually had an autoimmune disease attacking his blood and blood vessels,” explains Dr. Jennifer Frankovitch". Sounds similiar to what the docs at Duke found in DS15 end of last year. They found an antibody attacking his platelets. His platelet count was always low and this is why. He always bruised easily. I can't remember the name of the antibody or condition they called it, but kudos to Dr Van mater, Duke pediatric rheumatology for finding it. This an
  8. We also did it back in November when DS was hospitalized for a battery of tests. Looked normal. It was mainly used to rule out things. I don't think it is sensitive enough to pick up PANDAS type inflammation as others have stated.
  9. Hello bdt, I am one of the few dads on this forum and am in your area. We are North of Raleigh. Just like powpow, we also see the docs at the neuroimmunology clinic at Duke. Two great doctors there. We have also seen Dr Latimer in Bethesda, MD (among other doctors), been at this over 5 years. She actually referred us to Duke after she ran out of things to try. I am going to PM you my contact information...top right corner messenger icon.
  10. Yes, please keep us posted, we might be headed this way also. Depending on what the docs say after one more month of IV steroids.
  11. DS15 has taken clonidine at night now for almost 5 years. It has been a life saver, at least a sanity saver. It calms him down (from his tics) and gets him to sleep. He has tried it during the day, but it makes him too sleepy so cannot take it...unless we are on a road trip or something. It has no side effects that we can tell. Dosage for him is a .1 gram tablet, and we sometimes cut it in half if he is doing well. So, its a very small dose.
  12. Sorry, I had to delete some messages. I PM'd you.
  13. Our DS15 just got an IEP coded as OHI (Other Health Impaired)...just signed off on it yesterday. We are in NC. Math was a big reason, and reading/verbal skills also. Our DD18 also has a more minor case of PANDAS and she is weak in math. I was weak in math as well. My kids get PANDAS from me since I had Sydenham's Chorea. So...something with quantitative reasoning is affected it seems when one has PANDAS...at least for some kids. When there is swelling in the brain, weird things happen, is the way I explain it to myself. I was glad to see the school psychologist who recently tested D
  14. Last year, DD17 had white patches in throat and strep test was negative (I thought it would be positive for sure)...it must have been yeast. It went away after we gave her one fluconazole pill that we had left over. She is on Pen VK daily, so it would make sense to have some yeast, but it sure looked like strep white spots.
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